Thursday, May 26, 2022
NewsMan hit on head with shovel as violence erupts at petrol station...

Man hit on head with shovel as violence erupts at petrol station in front of stunned motorists

DISTURBING video shows bricks flying and a man smacked on the head with a shovel after pitched battle erupts in front of customers at a petrol station.

The shocking violence was filmed at an Esso station in Greenwich, London, by a motorist filling his car.

The driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, said before he began filming there was one man brandishing a knife and another a metal bar.

It is not known what caused the brawl in Plumstead to break out on the afternoon of Sunday May 13.

The footage has been viewed a staggering 80,000 times since it was uploaded to social media last week.

The video begins with two men running out of the front of the garage towards a man brandishing a shovel.

As the stunned driver, who does not wish to be identified, watches on one man in a khaki jacket throws a brick at the man with the shovel.

The man in the grey hoody brandishing the shovel backs off and tries to deflect the brick.

When the brick misses him he lunges forward and smacks the man who threw the brick on the top of his head with the shovel.

The shovel connects and a sickening thud can be heard, but the man in khaki appears unfazed and lunges at the other man – putting him in a headlock.

Four other men, one wielding a brick in each hand, join in the brawl and pull at each other in an attempt to break up the fight.

Passing motorists beep their horns as some of the men run away – chased by the man wielding a brick in each hand.

The footage ends as some of the men stand just outside the petrol station, and the brick wielding man storms back into the garage.

Speaking today, the person who filmed the clip said: “Unfortunately I don’t know what it was about. As I pulled into the petrol station to put petrol and air in my tyres there was a lot of noise and shouting coming from two big groups of guys.

“None of it was in English so I’m unaware of what it was over.”

The bizarre brawl erupted in a petrol station in London

He added: “I should have started filming as soon as I arrived because I missed the one guy with the knife, the one with the metal bar and the guy throwing his bike as the fight continued. This was the group that ran off.

“The guy that was hit with the shovel was already bleeding from the head before the shovel incident.”

On social media, Aaron Adegbesan added: “Hahaha. He took the blow well though. Man’s got a titanium skull by the looks of it.”

Jacqueline Mayell joked: “I bet he has a headache.”

But Canace Reid wrote: “I dunno why everyone thinks it’s funny it’s f****** disturbing.”

Zara Martina Scotter added: “OMG. I go here all the time. What happened? Was it them with each other? Disgrace throwing a brick there could have been kids walking past. Disgusting.”

The Metropolitan Police said they had no reports lodged with them at the time and date of the incident.

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