Shocking moment pram containing baby rolls into road and topples over – chased by panicked woman


SHOCKING video shows a pram containing a baby roll towards a road and tip forward – as a panicked woman dashes after it.

The disturbing clip was filmed in the Falkirk area on Sunday morning, after the unidentified woman apparently left the baby outside a shop.

Greig Marshall uploaded the 10-second clip to Twitter with the caption: “Leaving their wain outside the shop and this happens.

“Don’t know whether to laugh or greet man.”

The footage, filmed from Greig’s car, opens with the pram already rolling from the pavement towards the road.

A friend of Greig’s can be heard saying “Oh no” as the pram rolls into the road and topples forward as a result of the weight of a bag draped on the pram’s handles. The pram at this point is almost vertical.

Within seconds a dark-haired woman runs out from the shop and straight towards the pram, as the other man in the car can be heard saying: “What the f***?”

She instantly picks the pram up, and appears startled as she moves to check the child is ok.

Two women can be seen standing in a garden watching the drama unfold, while Greig’s friend can be heard saying: “Oh no way, I canny actually believe that.”

Greig himself can be heard laughing hysterically at his friend’s reaction as the clip ends.

On social media, Aidan Smith wrote: “Laugh 100%.”

Speaking today, Greig said: “I was in the car recording when it happened.

“We saw her pick the baby up out the pram after we stopped videoing.”