Wednesday, May 25, 2022
EntertainmentCOMEDY - Late night comedy with a Cambridge PHD student

COMEDY – Late night comedy with a Cambridge PHD student

[star rating =4/5]

Sameer Katz, a stand up comedian moonlighting as a Cambridge PhD History student, brings his third show, Sameer Katz: Treesonous Thoughts, to the Edinburgh Fringe.

An Indian American living in the UK, Sameer offers his unique take take on race, education, relationships, and air beds. Treesonous Thoughts exhibits his observational humour and proves he has a particular talent for improvisation. This is an intimate late-night gig at the counting house.

For the first ten minutes Sameer really took the tempo of the room and had a lot of genuine laughter flowing through his audience interaction. Playing up to racist stereotypes, he poked fun at the jokes he thought were the “white people’s favourites”, and had the audience laughing at themselves.

His best jabs were educated, and often off the cuff. Sameer’s comedy felt really authentic, and hearing his take was a surprisingly relaxing way to end an evening at this years Fringe.

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