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UEFA Champions League 2018- Prediction – Here’s Everything That You Need To Know From the World’s Most Successful Sports Bettor

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UEFA Champions League 2018-19 is into its final phase as the third qualifying round of the season has started. There were so much hype and drama in this season as a lot of new teams have been introduced in the league.

One more exciting part was that the smaller teams have preformed really well against the bigger sides. So, the interest of the fans is very much high this time around. So, who will win the title this time around? Here’s a breakdown of the ongoing season for you.

After living legend Jon Price the world’s most successful handicapper won 7 out of his first 11 picks in the 2018 World Cup sports bettors in Europe, especially England and Spain started to take notice and following his soccer betting picks.

UEFA Champions League 2018 Prediction and Betting Odds

Well, just like the last season this season has also seen some really amazing surprises. Apoel elimination was a upset and above all the Italian fans had a shocker as well because the Roma side was defeated by Porto as well.

So, overall anything can happen in the ongoing season but the question is who is going to win the title this time around? Well, the teams like Liverpool, Real Madrid and Manchester City are hot favorites to win the title.

All the betting websites are betting on these three teams mostly.

Liverpool – The way Liverpool is playing it seems that they will be giving a tough time to all the other sides.

They have been playing so well and their performance against West Ham United was exceptional. So, they will be taking a shot at the title this time around.

Real Madrid – well, if there is any team who can pull this off for the third time then that is Real Madrid for sure.

They have won two back to back titles and they have no pressure in this season as they have already defended their title successfully.

So, what about their chances this season? Well, Real Madrid has been playing so well this season as well and their performance is the proof of that.

Who Will Win Champions League 2018 – Final Word

Well, there is no doubt that there will be tough competition between Liverpool and Real Madrid for the title. But, there is a strong chance that Real Madrid will win the title for the third time.

They have some of the best players of the world and they know how to handle the pressure of the final match as well. Some of the reasons are listed below as well.

  • They’re the defending champions and they know how to play a FINAL.
  • It would be Salah vs Ronaldo and if RM can stop Salah then it will be Madrid’s game.
  • Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo are in hot form for now.

Well, overall both the teams are hot favorites for the title but Real Madrid has a clear edge. They can really win final and they have done that in the past and they can do that again as well.

So, this was our UEFA Champions League 2018 Predictions for you. Let us know what you think of this? Tell us in the comment section.


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