Shocking image catches middle-aged men letting down tyres on Police Scotland van


SHOCKING pictures captured the moment two middle-aged men letting down a police van’s tyres – while officers were in the middle of an arrest.

The disturbing photograph captured the duo in the act while police were attending to a call out in Grangemouth, Falkirk on Sunday.

It shows one man kneeling down on the ground letting air out of the back tyre, while another male is busy deflating the tyre at the front.

The image, believed to be taken by a passing motorist, was shared on social media where it circulated around various Facebook groups.

It was captioned: “Only in Grangemouth. Five policemen across the road arresting someone…while the locals let their tyres down.”

The post attracted dozens of comments from dismayed viewers who branded the cultprits as “idiots and “scum”.

Maureen Macduff wrote: “Fecking idiots. I hope they get caught.”

Barrie Fitzpatrick added: “Scum.”

Ava White commented: “No right.”

Stewart Ripmclean said: “Shocking.”

Ryan Hardy wrote: “Welcome to Scotland.”

Some others joked that letting the air out was “outstanding” and could “only happen in Grangemouth”.

Ryan Coutts wrote: “Hahaha. I miss Grangemouth.”

Andy Reid added: “Outstanding.”

While Scott Taylor said: “Makes you proud. Love this town.”

The disturbing photograph captured the duo in the act while police were attending to a call out in Grangemouth, Falkirk on Sunday.

In response to those joking that people should see the “funny side”, Lisa Hachemi wrote: “You wouldn’t be saying that if you needed the police and they couldn’t get to you quick enough cause some idiots let the air out their tyres.”

Princesyther agreed, writing: “And then they have an emergency and complain because the police don’t arrive quick enough. What total scumbags these people are.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman today said: “Police in Forth Valley have charged two men aged 52 and 38, in connection with obstructing the police after tyres were deliberately deflated on a police vehicle in Grangemouth on Sunday 2 September.

“A report will be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.”

Sergeant Jim Dougall from Grangemouth Police Station said: “The damaging of police vehicles is a senseless act and ultimately means that vital resources are unable to respond to urgent and emergency calls.

“We will not tolerate this sort of behaviour and thank the wider community for their cooperation.”

Earlier this month a furious driver was filmed letting down a road worker’s tyres because the street was shut for repairs.

Jay Nicholas had closed the street in Bideford, Devon – and told the furious van driver that he couldn’t pass through.

The irate motorist then began to deflate Jay’s tyres while the pair bickered in the street.