Painful moment pavement cyclist gets instant karma


PAINFUL footage shows a cyclist get instant karma after he comes close to pedestrians while using the pavement.

The man’s bike hit an obstruction on the pavement and tips up, making him fly over the handlebars and faceplant on the pavement.

The incident was filmed in Sheffield Tuesday afternoon by James Hindle, who was driving past at the time.

His clip shows traffic waiting at a normal pedestrian crossing just before a petrol station in the city’s Bramall Road.

As the pedestrians reach the pavement, the cyclist tries to overtake the cars but come a painful cropper.

it appears that a manhole cover in the pavement catches his front wheel, tipping the back of the bike into the air. The cyclist is thrown on to his front and the bike lands on top of him.

As the cyclist tries to untangle himself, a pedestrian passes in front and gives him a brief glance before carrying on his way.

Road safety campaigners have described the incident as “karma”.

A spokesman for Scotland’s Worst Drivers (SWD), who obtained the footage, said: ”Pavements are for pedestrians, not any vehicle including cyclists – unless it’s a shared cycleway footpath.

“He should not have been on there in the first place.

“While he might have wanted to save a few seconds, he spent longer than that trying to untangle himself from the bike.

“Lucky he never hit anyone, however I think in this incident, karma won. Next time hopefully he will choose not to cycle on the pavement.”

As the pedestrians reach the pavement, the cyclist tries to overtake the cars but come a painful cropper.

James, 37, said: “This is a busy junction. The road goes straight on, and also turns off just before the petrol station so that bit of road is two lanes. I’ve seen near misses on that pavement loads, I’m surprised no pedestrians have been hit yet as they cycle far too quickly along that section.”

Last year, a woman suffered a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain after being hit by a cyclist using a pavement in Edinburgh. The cyclist was not insured and the woman could not claim for compensation.

A judge at Manchester Crown Court described cyclists as “potential killers” in a recent case where he spared a photography student from going to prison.

Jesus Medina knocked down 72-year-old Marlene Crossley on a footpath, as she emerged from a corner shop in Salford.

He was ordered to complete 40 hours unpaid work and pay Mrs Crossley £750 compensation after the court heard how he stayed at the scene of the accident to comfort the victim.

Judge Anthony Cross QC said: “People simply don’t realise when riding their bikes on footpaths they can kill people.

“It’s obvious that there are real, dangers inherent in anybody riding their bicycle on a pavement the risks to members of the public should not be ignored.”