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MultimediaHeartwarming moment romantic traveller proposes at 35,000ft as aircraft passengers cheer

Heartwarming moment romantic traveller proposes at 35,000ft as aircraft passengers cheer

A HEART-WARMING video shows the moment a care worker proposes to his girlfriend at 35,000ft watched by passengers on a packed holiday flight.

Romantic James Elliott gets down on one knee in the aisle as the captain announces they have a “special announcement”.

An astonished Rebecca Darton happily accepts the offer of marriage and the clip ends with applause, clapping and handshake for James.

The couple, from Wellingborough, Northants, were flying to Hurghada, Egypt, on a 10-day break with Rebecca, 38, blissfully unaware of the surprise in store.

The clip begins with the captain following up several on board announcements with a special message for Rebecca.

He says: “So ladies and gentleman, we’ve got a special announcement from us this evening.

“We’ve got a very special couple joining us this evening.

“Rebecca Darton down in row 29.”

Rebecca is proposed to on board her flight

James, 38, can then be seen making is way down the plane to Rebecca’s seat.

The captain then says: “Rebecca a very special day for you today as James has got a very special announcement.”

James then kneels down to 38-year-old Rebecca’s seat where she can be seen holding her head in her hands in shock as she can’t believe what’s happening.

The captain says: “Without further ado I’ll hand you over now to James.”

The couple share a kiss after the romantic proposal

The footage then shows Rebecca kissing James after saying yes to the big question, before James puts the engagement ring on her finger.

At this point, almost all the passengers on board either standing up in the aisle or looking behind them to catch a glimpse of the loved up couple.

Another staff member then comes over the tannoy to wish them all the best.

He said: “Ladies and gentleman, James has just proposed to Rebecca and she did say yes so can we all give them a round of applause.”

The happy couple on a beach

Everyone on the plane then goes wild as a passenger in the seat behind Rebecca shakes James’s hand to congratulate them.

Rebecca, from Wellingborough, posted the video on Facebook with the caption: “Thank you for making my new fiancé’s proposal special.”

Multiple comments came from in those congratulating the two.

Ju Richards said: “Congratulations to you both, wishing you many happy and healthy years together.”

Rebecca and James certainly had a holiday to remember

Katarzyna Zajac commented: “Wow congratulations good choice James so romantic.”

Emma Cannon said: “How utterly amazing – congratulations to you both.”

Trev Vennard commented: “Congratulations to you both.”

Airline TUI also commented on the post saying: “Aww Becca this is so magical. Well done James. Thanks so much for letting us share this special moment with you.”

There was warm online reaction

Speaking today, cafe owner and mum of three Rebecca couldn’t believe James’s romantic gesture.

She said: “I didn’t know it was happening at all, it was a complete surprise

“I was shocked and a little embarrassed”

“He had asked my sons permission a few weeks before as well, but I had no idea.

“They were all really, really happy for us.”

The proposal received praise

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