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Man with Asperger’s melts hearts after building Tardis rather than face friendless summer

A MAN with Asperger’s built a full-size Tardis in his back garden rather than face another lonely summer without friends.

Doctor Who fanatic Ben Willcox taught himself woodworking skills from scratch and refused all offers of help.

And the efforts of the 23-year-old from Leeds have melted the heart of the internet after his sister revealed the almost-completed time travelling machine, which lights up at night.

Molly, 18, posted a picture of the replica time travelling machine with the caption: “So my brother is 23 and has Aspergers. He struggles to make friends so to give him something to do he decided to spend the summer making a full size Tardis!

Ben’s sister Molly posted the picture of the Tardis

“He’s been working so hard on this and I think it’s amazing! Let me know what you think so I can show him!”

Ben, a sales assistant at Wilko’s, printed off the plans for building the Tardis from a website called Woodworking for Mere Mortals. He took on the entire challenge without any help.

His father David, 50, offered to aid his son along the way but Ben wanted to complete it himself.

David said: “I offered to lend a hand when he was getting a bit stuck at times but he insisted on having no help.”

The plans gave detailed dimensions of everything that was needed – and Ben bought his own tools. The wood used to build the Tardis came from a local wood merchants.

David said that Ben did not receive any woodwork tuition before proceeding.

Ben taught himself woodworking skills from scratch and refused all offers of help.

“He taught himself how to do it all – he’s very clever with things like that. He got his own tools – such as a table saw – and gradually put it together.”

Ben revealed that he has been working on the Tardis since February and it is almost completely finished, with a few leaks still to be sorted out. However, there were some challenges along the way.

Before Ben attached the roof, his work so far was blown apart. Thankfully, he was not set back very long.

Ben said: “Only a small piece broke when it blew down so I put it back again in a day or two. I also added some supports inside to strengthen it.”

Picture of the Tardis in construction

The Tardis also lights up at night and in the long-term Ben might use his creation as a novelty shed to store his tools.

Molly said of her talented brother: “I’m super proud of him. He’s done so well, especially considering it fell down a few times a few months ago too! But he persevered through it and he’s done amazing!”

On social medoa, Nathan Langley wrote: “Well done. What a guy your brother is. The doctor would be proud.”

Angela Oldroyd commented: “I thought the doctor had arrived in Leeds when I saw the photo!! Great job fella.”

Jean Myers replied: “Looks very authentic.”

Mark Benson wrote: “That is fantastic, would love to have one in my back garden. Way cool.”

Ruth Coleman joked: “I bet it’s even bigger on the inside.”

The Tardis did come down, but Ben was able to quickly fix it

Some people offered their friendship to Ben too.

Daniel Lipzith said: “So jealous. I wish I had the skills to build a TARDIS. I’m a huge Whovian.

“Anyway. If your brother is looking to make friends, if he’s a Whovian he’s just made one for life. Honestly though, if he would like to gain a friend send him my way. I’m happy to meet new people/friends.”

Asperger Syndrome is a condition within the range of those affected by Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). These conditions affect a person’s social interaction, communication, interests and behaviour.

Ben’s Tardis has melted the hearts of Facebook users 

It is estimated that around one in every 100 people in the UK has ASD and more boys are diagnosed with the condition than girls.

The creation of the replica Tardis comes as the latest batch of Doctor Who episodes are currently on screens.

The eleventh series featuring the first ever female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, runs until Christmas on the BBC. It has so far reached around nine million viewers.

Daniel Lipzith said: “So jealous. I wish I had the skills to build a TARDIS.”

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