Wednesday, May 18, 2022
NewsTrio of pizza delivery men get surprise party treatment in hilarious video

Trio of pizza delivery men get surprise party treatment in hilarious video

HILARIOUS video shows a group of lads throwing surprise “parties” for three different pizza delivery men.

The unsuspecting drivers are seen approaching a room in the dark and then suddenly being confronted with bright lights, party poppers and wild dancing – to chants of “pizza, pizza”.

One of the delivery men gets fully in to the mood, dancing enthusiastically with the boys from Chelmsford, Essex.

Another of the drivers is presented with a celebration cake complete with candles.

The hilarious scenes were filmed and uploaded to social media prankster Kevin Freshwater’s Facebook page on Sunday.

Filmed last weekend, the video went viral – now reaching over 1 million views.

The video begins with the first pizza delivery man approaching the open patio doors of a house.

All the lights are initially off as the group wait in the darkness.

As the pizza man walks in, the lights are switched on and the group yell out “surprise”.

They surround the pizza man, putting their arms around his shoulders, jumping up and down to their own bespoke pizza song.

The pizza man, who is considerably older than the group who have ordered, without any persuasion needed suddenly joins in.

He raises a finger in the air and dances away with pizza in arm, as the others continue singing in joy at his arrival.

The next part of the clip shows another pizza delivery man arriving.

As the lights are switched on, the group again yell surprise and jump out, dancing to the arrival of the man and the pizza.

This time confetti is blown into the air and the “Crazy Scotsman” – an alter ego made famous by comedian and prankster Hak – joins in the celebrations holding a bottle of Jack Daniels.

The third pizza delivery man is met with much of the same.

More confetti is used, and people dressed up in wigs and colourful clothes jump out and dance to the pizza song.

The last pizza man blows out candles on a cake as the video ends.

The older delivery man getting into the party mood.

The video has won over social media with Facebook users especially approving of the older delivery man who starts dancing.

Chris Laird wrote: “When you think you have seen everything on the internet and then this pops up. The first delivery guy proper going for it.”

Michael Smith said: “The old guy was the best.”

Alf New commented: “Pizza geezer proper getting into it.”

Lacey Charrin wrote: “Ok, this was freaking awesome.”

Marc Pullen said: “My god I love Pizza and the first delivery man.”

Hollie Comiskey added: “Absolute legends.”

Kevin Freshwater himself posted a picture of the older delivery man dancing in full flight, and commented: “Best bit.”

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