Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Heart-stopping moment girl is almost knocked down as she sprints past “school run” car on pavement

SHOCKING video shows a schoolgirl come within inches of being knocked down as she sprints past a “school run” car blocking the pavement.

The selfishly parked cars block the view of the dashcam driver who reacts with lightning speed to the danger.

The incident happened shortly after 4pm outside a primary school in Chigwell, Essex.

Concern has been growing across the UK about the danger and nuisance caused by parents who insist on driving their children to school and then parking as close as possible.

In the clip the dashcam driver is traveling along a residential area near the primary school following a Highway Maintenance van with school children walking on the pavement.

Krzysztof Michalowski, 44, had to pass two vehicles parked on the pavement which obscured his view.

Moments before the youngster dashes out

Suddenly a young school girl decides to run across the road forcing Krzysztof to brake hard to avoid knocking the daring youngster down.

Speaking today Krzysztof: “The street is very dangerous with cars parked on the side of the road. Lucky I was going slowly as I almost hit her.

“The car parked on the side of the road could have been a parent as after 30 minutes the car wasn’t there any more.”

From nowhere, the kid takes their life in their hands by rushing out onto the road

One user posted: “A close call like that can really affect you. I take it there’s a school nearby? if so it might be worth contacting them as a concern about road safety.

One user said: “It’s like the hazard perception test come to life.”

Another added: “F***. She just came from nowhere.”

The dashcam catches the scary moment

One posted: “Made me jump. I wasn’t expecting that – good reactions.”

Another wrote: “Great awareness, very well done mate.”

In early May this year it was reported that Croydon Borough Council pocketed £400,00 in fines after six months.

Clear footage shows how close the child comes to injury

The bid was an attempt to reduce congestion within the area around the three schools chosen to pilot the scheme.

Lancashire County Council have introduced a new parking enforcement scheme to tackle the level of dangerous parking near schools earlier this month.

The scheme would use traffic wardens to stop parents dangerously parking near schools.

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