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Shocking moment bouncer punches woman in face – at same hotel where doorman killed customer

DISTURBING footage shows a doorman punching a woman – outside the same bar where a bouncer killed a customer after punching him

The clip shows the doorman throw the woman outside the front door of the bar, before punching her square in the face.

Kieran Elcock filmed the carnage on Friday night, outside the Station Hotel in Wellington, near Telford, Shropshire, where a dad-of-three was fatally injured by a bouncer six years ago.

The clip beings with a shot of the front door of the hotel, being filmed from outside.

There appears to be commotion going on inside the bar as the doorman, who has a badge on his sleeve, grabs the woman by the arm and throws her outside.

The woman is thrown past the camera shot and to the left of its line of sight.

Some shouting can be heard off camera as the doorman clenches his fist.

He mouths something to the woman he has just thrown out and points his finger.

The doorman balls up his fist in preparation for his next action

The woman approaches him, walking straight towards him.

The doorman then holds her back with his left hand he had previously been pointing with, as he punches her with his right.

Her head his flung back and he goes in again for a jab with his left.

The woman appears momentarily dazed as the doorman motions with his thumb for her to leave.

The doorman makes sickening contact with the woman

He then takes a fighting stance, turns back to check what’s going on, and then swings again for the woman.

She stumbles back and the clip ends with the commotion inside the bar spilling out the front door.

The doorman is last seen turning to the front door and slowly appears to approach it.

Facebook users were generally appalled by the bouncer’s behaviour and lack of professionalism.

The woman coils away after the impact

Christania Jackson wrote: “Doorman needs to be struck off. You don’t hit females like this. He hasn’t got very good skills. I would sack him on the spot, have useless doorman like that working for me it’s a shambles.”

Cheryl Mansell commented: “I’m a qualified door supervisor (bouncer). You’re trained to use minimum force, not just punch someone in the face. So even if with that women going for him, no need for his actions. There’s other ways to do it.”

Jane Barratt said: “He’s broke the law anyway, so will not only be arrested for assault but will lose his doorman badge. What a f****** idiot.”

Hannah Standen added: “It’s nothing to do with men hitting women. It’s to do with professionalism. It’s his job to literally stop trouble. Can he not restrain without fighting and punching the customers in the face?”

He swings for the woman again despite horrific first blow

A bouncer at the same hotel was jailed earlier this year after killing a customer following an argument outside.

Neil Hotchkiss, 37, knocked out dad-of-three Scott Taylor with one punch, on August 17, 2012.

Mr Taylor was left wheelchair bound and with extensive brain damage, and died on April 30, 2016.

Mr Hotchkiss was originally jailed after admitting inflicting grievous bodily harm.

The doorman received heavy online criticism

After Mr Taylor’s death, he admitted manslaughter and was jailed for a further two years.

Police today confirmed they were investigating the disturbing clip.

A spokeswoman for West Mercia Police said: “We’re aware of the video and are carrying out enquiries into a report of an assault at the Station Hotel in the early hours of Saturday morning.

There were many views of the incident from the reaction online

“The incident happened around 12.30am in the morning.

“Any witnesses should contact West Mercia Police on 101 quoting reference 32s 101118 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

A spokesman for the Station Hotel refused to comment, and would not confirm or deny whether the doorman was employed there.

Comments on Facebook condemned the doorman as a “thug”

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