Thursday, August 18, 2022
NewsMesmerising video shows 60ft lighthouse disappear as massive wave hits

Mesmerising video shows 60ft lighthouse disappear as massive wave hits

MESMERISING slow motion video shows the amazing moment a 60ft lighthouse is completely engulfed by monstrous waves.

Norman Watson filmed waves smashing into Aberdeen Harbour yesterday.

His clips show the 62ft South Breakwater Tower disappear completely in the spray – which at one point reaches around 100ft.

The draughtsman and amateur wildlife photographer from Aberdeen posted the clips online with the caption: “Aberdeen South Breakwater. Boom slow-mo.”

The 46-year-old’s clips shows the tower in the centre of the frame as the wave approaches.

The video turns to slow motion just as the wave hits, blasts up the tower and begins spiraling forward over the breakwater.

Only the white tip of the tower can be seen in Norman’s video as the first wave starts retreat back into the sea. However, a bigger, second wave can be seen bulldozing its way onto the breakwater.

Norman captured the event on his lunch break yesterday

This wave, twice the size as the first one, rolls onto the breakwater and sprays a thick watery cloud high into the air.

At this point the tower is completely shadowed by a swirling spray of seawater and his hidden behind the dense mist. All the while little specs of foam can be seen gliding in the wind.

The waves engulfed the lighthouse in the astonishing video

Another video shows the waves battering the breakwater, and the spray reaching high into the sky, dwarfing the the lighthouse.

Online, Petra Jochen Bruckhaus said: “Oh wow, I wish I was there. Brilliant!”

Many people on social media were amazed by the spectacle

Edward Lloyd added: “Amazing, the weather is never ever dull in this part of the world.”

Patricia Starks wrote: “Spectacular!”

Norman is an award winning amateur wildlife photographer

Sally Regan Baird said: “Can’t beat a Scottish storm!”

Norman said today: “I was amazed. The waves were as high as I have ever seen them.”

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