Thursday, August 18, 2022
NewsHilarious video shows deserted Aldi store erupt with dancing Kevin the Carrot...

Hilarious video shows deserted Aldi store erupt with dancing Kevin the Carrot toys

A HILARIOUS video shows a “deserted” Aldi store suddenly burst into life – as Kevin the Carrot toys start dancing.

The brilliant clip shows members of staff hiding behind the tills and moving Kevin the Carrot toys to the music of Bruno Mars’ 24 carat magic before the store opens.

The shop is believed to be the Cudworth store outside Barnsley, South Yorkshire and was posted on Facebook by store manager Chloe Wragg.

Chloe’s video has been viewed over 27,000 times.

Her post said: “That time Kevin came and joined in with #93’s on sale party!”

The video starts with an empty store with Bruno Mars’ hit single playing over the speaker.

Suddenly carrot toys of all shapes and sizes appear from behind each checkout just as the song hits the chorus.

The Kevin the Carrot family burst into dance in the deserted store

Each employee is hiding behind their checkouts and moving each carrot to the beat just like a flash mob.

The video has proved a hit on social media.

Matthew Shaw said: “This is genius! I love it!”

Even Aldi were loving the dance moves

Paige Bonner added: “Kev the carrots living the life.”

Even Aldi are loving the invention.

Aldi UK said: “Kevin loves a party! Thanks for posting, Aldi UK Facebook Team.”

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