Is the Fajita Cheater having a tot-tilla? Mexico runaway bride posts pic of baby scan


“Fajita Cheater” bride Meaghan Mitchell has caused a new sensation – by posting a photograph of a baby scan online.

Meaghan, who made headlines by running off with another men six days after he £30,000 wedding in Mexico, posted the scan with the caption: “Mitchell Meaghan Drew.”

The image went online just a week after her husband, Andy, 40, admitted he and Meaghan were reunited and living together in the marital home in Kelty, Fife.

Rumours had been sweeping the town that Meaghan, 22, is pregnant but Andy strongly denied the claims when asked last week.

The scan picture, which Meaghan uploaded as her Facebook cover photo, was posted yesterday (tue).

The picture shows the date in the top right corner as yesterday along with the time 10.44am. Along the top is the name “Mitchell Meaghan Drew”.

She posted the photo without any further caption or comment.

Andy himself responded by appearing to joke that the baby would be named after a Celtic player.

Meaghan’s new cover post

He wrote “Rogic Mitchell” followed by a laughing smiley in a nod to Celtic midfielder Tom Rogic.

Meaghan responded with a laughing smiley.

A friend, Charles Gill, posted the names of other Celtic players such as Henrik Larsson and Shunsuke Nakamura as providing possible first names.

Meaghan has recently posted other pregnancy-related messages.

Last Monday she tagged Andy in a separate post which showed the results of a quiz.

The results said: “What awaits you in 2019? Prepare yourself for a surprise that takes 9 months to arrive?”

She later deleted the post.

In another section of her Facebook page, she has written under the intro: “Baby Mitchell, Andrew.”

The wording is interspersed with love hearts and a baby face smiley.

With the two back together, rumours of the couple’s pregnancy had been sweeping the town.

But asked about the rumour recently he replied: “I don’t know where you’re getting your information but that’s definitely not true.”

Andy made headlines in June this year when he posted his wedding rings for sale, publicly accusing his new wife of cheating on her hen night.

Earlier hints that Meaghan was pregnant

But it emerged last week that despite their bitter and very public split, Andy and Meaghan Mitchell were “testing the waters” of married life at their home.

And Andy even had the phrase “fajita cheater” tattooed on the back of his neck as a permanent reminder of their early marital troubles.

Andy married Meaghan in a lavish wedding ceremony in Cancun on June 3.

But he posted their wedding bands for sale for £400 just six days later, claiming she had been unfaithful on her hen night.

Meaghan denied being unfaithful before the wedding but admitted she had met and run off with another man.

To the amazement – and amusement – of Kelty locals, it emerged the couple got back together in early August after spending months apart.

Andy and Meaghan were believed to be at home today but not answering the door.

But on social media, Andy confirmed the happy news that his wife is expecting following a reversal of the snip.

He wrote: “Meaghan Mitchell is 12 weeks 1 day pregnant.

“I successfully had vasectomy reversed.”

In a reference to the man she ran off with, he added: “Scud now shoots blanks.

“My child.”