Footballer shares hilarious video of gran collapsing into pressies on Xmas eve


A PROFESSIONAL footballer has shared a hilarious video of his grandmother falling into the presents on Christmas Eve.

Kyle Dempsey, a midfielder with Sky Bet League One team Fleetwood Town FC, uploaded the clip funny clip to social media two days ago.

The video, which has been viewed over one million times, shows Kyle’s gran toplling face-first in to a bundle of Christmas presents on her 66th birthday.

Kyle’s younger brother can then be heard telling his gran off for crushing presents.

In the clip, which is believed to be filmed at Kyle’s home in Whitehaven, Cumbria, the 23-year-old captures his grandmother attempting to sit on a chair in the living room while slightly groaning.

However, she fails to find the seat and ends up stumbling forward and landing on top of the Christmas presents.

Kyle’s Younger brother can then be heard screaming: “What are you doing?” His grandmother tries to speak saying: “ I just uhm.”

The Grandmother failed to find the seat and ended up stumbling and landing on top of the Christmas presents.

The clip the ends with Kyle, who previously played for Premiership side Huddersfield, filming his reaction.

He uploaded the clip captioned with: “Honestly crying. This is my grandma 66 years old today. Then you have my brother raging at the fact she’s crushed his presents. What a start to Christmas.”

The clip has had over 500 people commenting on his post with over 30 thousand likes.

@AmieElle wrote: “That’s hilarious. Hope she’s ok. Merry Christmas.”

@KFMac23 said: “I’ve finally wiped my tears bro. I died.”

@a8burns posted: “Brilliant mate, his brother is fuming if you listen carefully

@racingpro55 said: “Just like me dad after six litres of frosty jacks.”