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Cool Fabrics Used in Making Your Prom Dress

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Many ladies become confused when they hear different names of fabrics. However, just as it takes you time to come up with the right style and color of your prom dress so should fabric. Although the type of material is not considered by many when choosing for their right dress, it is one of the anchor and foundation of having the right style. 

When browsing through various online shopping platforms, don’t just concentrate on styles, color, and prices, check their material. No matter how great a chiffon fabric is, it cannot make a well-fitted sheath prom garment. But it is the best when it comes to flowing dresses. If you want comfort, then knit fabrics could be the best for you.

The type of material you choose can build or break your dress and you end up having a totally different dress than the one you had expected. Before we look at the fabrics let’s take a quick glimpse at the fiber content used in making various fabrics.

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Commonly Used Materials


This is what makes most of the fabrics. It can be either manmade or natural. Some examples of natural fibers include:

  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Linen
  • Silk – this can be used in making elegant dresses. It is usually made from silkworm cocoons making their dresses very comfortable and versatile. This material rarely shrinks even when hand-washed hence it can retain the shape and give a caressing feel to your body. Due to its high absorbency level, it can be dyed into various colors. It is great in making both a short and long prom dress.

Some manmade fibers include:

  • Polyester – Although it is manmade, it is being commonly used to mimic silk. Nevertheless, it can be easily recognized.
  • Acetate
  • Acrylic
  • Rayon

Natural fibers are considered costly and dresses made from these fibers are expensive. Nevertheless, cheap dresses can be made from manmade fibers that produce very beautiful shades. Silk and polyester are the commonly used fibers in the garment industry. So which are these types of fabrics?

Popular Types of Fabrics

  1. Georgette – it is light and can be used in making a flowing and long prom dress. Because of its highly twisted threads, it has a subtle texture. It is made from silk and presently from polyester. Its springy and lightweight features have made it very popular in making prom garments.
  • Chiffon – this is another common fabric which is widely known for its subtle shimmer, lightweight, sheer, and simple weave. Since it is very smooth, it is made with an under layer. It is easily susceptible to snags and runs.
  • Taffeta – It’s known for producing some rustling sound, its smoothness, and softness. It is great for mermaid prom dress styles. They can stretch hence keeping you very comfortable in them.
  • Knit – this fabric has pretty drapes, very stretchy, and comfortable. They are great for fitted sheaths silhouettes.
  • Satin – this fabric usually produces a shiny and a matte side. It can also be made in such a way it is shiny on every side. It is a great fabric for your dream prom dress.


There are other fabrics like tulle, shantung, lace, velvet, sequin, Mikado, neoprene, and organza among others. All these can make you a great dress just choose the best that fits your preferred style.

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