Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Metal Murray – Andy shows off his new hip in post surgery X-ray snap

ANDY Murray has proudly shared an X-ray showing his new metal hip, following surgery in London.

The two time Wimbledon champion posted on Instagram this morning showing photos of him lying in a hospital bed.

He also posted an X-ray image in which his metal hip socket can clearly be made out.

The star, who is due to retire as a direct result of the hip pain he has endured for years, posted: “I underwent a hip resurfacing surgery in London yesterday morning…feeling a bit battered and bruised just now.

The former Wimbledon champion had a hip operation in London

“But hopefully that will be the end of my hip pain in I now have a metal hip as you can see in the second photo.”

He added: “And I look like I’ve got a bit of a gut in photo one.”

Murray can be seen lying on a hospital bed after a successful surgery smiling at the camera.

The Scot hinted at retiring from tennis this year

Nailcreationsbylouise responded: “Get well soon Andy.”

Ed.Young1971 added: “Good luck Andy. My husband had it done when he was 42. Best thing he ever did. Here is to a speedy recovery.”

D1hgn wrote: “That’s that bit done. Now the recovery. We are all with you. Be happy.”

Many people have wished Murray following his post

Kjmaxim66 said: Wish you to be back on the court as soon as possible, and stronger than ever.”

Tilesbytextiles added: “Bravo! I play tennis with my new hip and it’s perfect (i’m not quite your level though.)

“Everyone says don’t rush about on hard surfaces but I do and so far so good. I wish you a quick recovery. Take it easy and I know you will work hard.”

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