Car owner gets £1,300 fine for fly tipping – carried out by another person


A COUNCIL’S secret camera shows how a car owner ended up with a £1,300 fine for seven seconds of fly tipping – carried out by another person.

Stephen Sharp had to pay out £194 for every second of the criminal behaviour caught on camera in Barnsley, South Yorkshire – even though he wasn’t present.

The council successfully prosecuted Sharp because his vehicle was used in the act.

Barnsley Council set up the camera in a bid to crack down on fly tipping in their area and on May 18 last year caught Sharp red-handed.

The video shows a man pick up a large box from the boot of a car. He runs and then throws the box, which rolls on to its side, scattering debris. He jogs back to the car and flings two empty plastic bottles.

Even though Sharp, from Barnsley, is not the man in the video he was convicted on January 7 of knowingly causing controlled waste to be deposited.

Sharp was fined £825, £455 in clear up costs, and an additional £82.50 in victim’s surcharges, totalling £1,362.50.

Although Sharp didn’t physical fly tip he was charged because it was his car

Responding online, Kevin Wilburn said: “We should have cameras at every hot spots, soon recover the cost by prosecution.

“But I still think they get away lightly. Added community service litter picking should deter them.”

Eric Bailey urged: “Two years litter picking, fined £1500, and car crushed.”

Lauren Louise Clarke wrote: “Should definitely also include community service picking up litter in the borough.”

Sharp was charged with knowingly causing controlled waste to be deposited

Others have also commended Barnsley Council’s tactics.

Kevin Osborne said: “Great to see this from Barnsley Council in the battle against fly tipping.

Melvyn Bird added: “Well done keep up the good work. Don’t forget to crush the car too.”

Barnsley Council were thoroughly satisfied by the result of their secret camera capture.

Some people feel there needs to be a greater punishment

Wendy Lowder, Executive Director for Communities, said: “Thanks to our enforcement team, we’ve once again used CCTV footage to gain a successful prosecution. It sends a strong message to anyone thinking about fly tipping in Barnsley, no matter how big or small – it will not be tolerated.

“In this case, it’s a strong reminder that as the vehicle owner, you have just as much a responsibility to make sure your vehicle is being used correctly and not part of fly tipping.”