Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Driver blocks off roads trying to turn 14 metre long truck around sharp bend

THIS is the moment a dopey HGV driver blocked off two roads for “most of the day” after trying to turn his 14 metre long truck around a sharp hairpin bend. 

Luke Walker watched on as the clumsy driver drove his cabin right up against a graveyard wall and wedged his truck across two roads in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. 

Passerby Luke filmed the aftermath of the driver’s blunder two weeks ago, showing the GCS Johnson ltd cabin stuck at an awkward right angle on the road.

The cabin mounted pavement on the right hand side of the road and was filmed pressed tightly against the stone wall, blocking him from completing the turn. 

The trailer platform, loaded with scores of large crates, is shown stuck across two lanes of traffic and blocking traffic coming from three directions. 

Luke claims police were called to the scene to divert traffic after the vehicle, around 14 metres in length, was stuck on the road for most of the day. 

He shared the video to TikTok on Sunday, writing: “#can’tparktheremate #Barnsley”

The video has attracted over 285,000 views and hundreds of comments from viewers who were bemused by the driver’s attempt. 

@User5240870131627 said: “Been driving a Class 1 for many years, that was never in a month of Sundays’ getting round there.”

Smiler4979 said: “You wouldn’t even attempt that.”

HGV driver blocking two roads with truck
The dopey driver ended up blocking to whole roads. (C) Luke Walker

@barrylee767 said: “I’ve attempted some tight turns in an Artic, but this was never going to happen.”

@leehenson said: “That’s the problem nowadays, you go from a car to a Class 1 overnight. What do you expect is going to happen?”

@youayer333 said: “Two types of people, those who just settle, and those who dream!” 

Speaking today, Luke said: “He’s come up the high street and tried to turn right which is a very, very, sharp bend.

“His boss will not be happy.

“I just saw him as he turned the corner. He was stuck there for a few hours. 

“He was there for most of the day, they had blocked the road off at tea time.” 

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