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NewsHilarious snaps show "bloody mad" dad literally chilling out in his...

Hilarious snaps show “bloody mad” dad literally chilling out in his garden snow palace

A “BLOODY mad” dad turned the recent cold snap to his advantage by literally chilling out in a garden snow palace he created.

Hilarious pictures show Stephen Rochester dressed only in swim shorts and reclining on a snow “sofa” next to an igloo.

The creation at his home in Bath, Somerset, also featured a snow “footstool” with holes cut in which to chill beers.

The carpet fitter ventured out in to his garden on Friday armed with a plastic recycling box for making snow bricks.

Stephen Rochester dressed only in swim shorts and reclining on a snow "sofa" next to an igloo

Stephen Rochester dressed only in swim shorts and reclining on a snow “sofa” next to an igloo

After completing an igloo for his daughter, Stephen, 33, created an attached seating area.

Stephen uploaded photos of his creation on Facebook saying “This is how I roll on a winter’s day.”

Stephen’s construction exploits were also shared on the Facebook page ‘Extreme Weather.’

Photos show how Stephen started his build by filling up a plastic recycling box with snow to create massive snow bricks.

After finishing the igloo, Stephen had spare snow bricks and was already considering his next build.

Stephen then decides to construct a snow settee which is connected to the igloo and curves into an L shape at the end.

Stephen tops it off with a footstool which also doubles up as a cooler in which he has stuck beer bottles, much like a wine rack.

A proud Stephen then decides to put his feet up and enjoy a beer as he sits on his snow settee in shirtless with red Hawaiian shorts and wearing a pair of sunglasses.

Stephen created the igloo for his daughter

Stephen’s chilling pictures have branded him as mad by many on social media.

Samantha Selway said: “Ha your bloody nuts!”

Chelsea Antony Turpin: “Haha this is hilarious.”

Jayne N Chucky wrote: “Looking good stevie hahaha.”

Katie Brown said: “You bloody mad head.”

Kelly Budd wrote: “Haha you bloody nutter.”

Jayanna Witt came in with some decorating suggestions.

She said: “Should lay some carpet to warm it up a bit.”

Even Stephen’s mother thinks he has gone mad.

Tracy Rochester said: “What the hell is wrong with you my son?! You’re an absolute nutter.”

Stephen building his igloos during the cold weather

Stephen today said building his grand palace was an opportunity he just couldn’t miss.

Stephen said: “I’ve always loved snow, and seeing as we hardly ever get any I made any excuse to get out in it. So I said I’m going to build an igloo for my little girl.

“I then decided it needs a seating area and a table. It took a few hours to make with the use of a recycling box to make the blocks. I was sweating so much making it I decided to strip off, sit down and have a well deserved beer. I am very happy with the outcome.”

Stephen now has plans on expanding his empire despite the warmer weather.

He added: “There is still a big pile even though the temperature has been in double figures last couple days. I am already thinking on how to top it if the snow returns, but I will definitely top it.”

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