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Moment selfish yob in Mercedes cuts up OAP at roundabout – causing pensioner to get hit by lorry

VIDEO shows a selfish yob in a Mercedes cut up an OAP at a roundabout – resulting in the pensioner getting hit by a lorry.

The Merc driver cuts in front of the elderly driver to turn left at the roundabout.

The OAP motorist is forced to brake to avoid hitting the Mercedes, which directly results in him getting hit by a lorry coming from the right.

The driver escapes injury but then parks on the roundabout and crosses heavy traffic to try to speak to the lorry driver.

Michael Green captured the incident on his dashcam as he approached the Six Crossroads roundabout in Woking, Surrey, in December.

The clip begins with Michael’s car pulling up at the roundabout in the right lane behind the maroon coloured Mercedes who is indicating left.

In the left lane is a small red car being driven by an elderly gentleman, who is waiting to drive straight on at the roundabout unaware of the neighbouring Mercedes’ intentions.

At the first gap in traffic, both cars emerge from the junction but the Mercedes adds extra speed in order to overtake the red car and take the first exit.

The incident causes the elderly gentleman to brake suddenly resulting in an unsuspecting HGV to clip the car on his way across the roundabout.

THe HGV had to slam on the brakes to avoid damage.

The HGV slams on the brakes to avoid further damage and proceeds to pull over at the first exit.

After pulling over himself, the elderly driver manages to emerge from his vehicle to attend to the scene.

Michael revealed that the elderly driver managed to escape without injury.

He said: “The elderly driver was okay but was very shaken up.

“It wasn’t the lorry driver’s fault.”

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