Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Adorable video shows dog in hi-vis jacket “helping” move car stuck in snow on Scots street

AN ADORABLE video shows a dog wearing a hi-vis jacket “helping” to move a car stuck in snow on a Scots street.

The helpful pooch was filmed getting involved as three men rescued a white car caught in heavy snow in Clarkston, East Renfrewshire on Thursday.

The clip shows a queue of traffic along Busby Road while one car in front struggles to move.

Two men can be seen trying to push the car through the snow while the dog watches on close behind.

The dog then decides to get involved with the task in hand and jumps up with its tail wagging to help the trio.

Standing on its hind legs, the dog, believed to be a terrier, was captured balancing against one of the men to help “push” along the vehicle.

Just after the dog gets involved the car starts slowly moving again while heavy snow can be seen around it.

The car stopped on the snowy incline
The car stopped on the snowy incline.                            C. TikTok Ando144

The caption “dog deffo got that car moving” then appears on the clip alongside a laughing face emoji.

The video was uploaded by a local onto TikTok on Friday, captioned: “WTF have I just watched.

“The dog definitely got that moving.”

The post has gained over 180,000 views and almost 10,000 likes.

Social media users left comments on the clip after finding the dog’s involvement hilarious.

Three men push the car with the dog
Three men push the car with the dog up the hill.                    C. TikTok Ando144

One viewer said: “Absolutely love that the dog got a hi-vis on too.”

Another said: “That the car was genuinely stuck until the dog got into action.

“Go doggo.”

One social media user said: “He would of got it going quicker if it weren’t for those darn kids.”

And another added: “I can’t.

“What if it started rolling back and the dog didn’t know to run.”

The traffic
The traffic on Busby Road.                     C. TikTok Ando144

Speaking today, the local, who captured the footage, said: “That roundabout catches all the cars out in the snow as it’s on a slight incline.

“I filmed a few cars trying to get free to send to my girlfriend to show her what was going on outside. 

“I ended up catching the dog pushing the car too.”

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