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NewsHilarious clip shows dad-to-be helping himself to gas and air while watching...

Hilarious clip shows dad-to-be helping himself to gas and air while watching out for the midwife

HILARIOUS footage shows a dad-to-be treating himself to gas and air while his girlfriend sleeps – and the midwife is out of the room.

Builder Steven McCormick “just got bored” during his partner’s 10-hour labour so he sneakily inhaled her pain-relieving Entonox, a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide.

Steven, 24, from Dunfermline, Fife, filmed himself experimenting and sent the footage to a pal, Callum Donald, who shared the clip on social media.

Callum captioned the post: “I’ve got the best pals man hahaha, his burd’s in labour and all he’s bothered about is a free dunt hahaha.”

The video was posted on Monday and has since racked up more than 400,000 views.

Steven can be seen in a room at Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy, Fife, with his 33-year-old partner Sam Elliott, who had just received diamorphine and was sleeping deeply.

He can be seen looking out for any staff who may catch him in the act.

Once he takes a breath, he begins to start laughing giddily. He then turns the camera towards the slumbering mother of his soon-to-be born child.

Steven then switches the camera back to face himself as he takes yet another puff of the gas and continues to giggle to himself before the short clip ends.

Jake Curtis responded online: “His laugh at the end haha.”

@JDR1982 said: “Ha ha! I hit that stuff so hard when my son was born that I couldn’t stand up! The whole room was spinning!”

@woodycafc commented: “Giggle at the end.”

@MatraRuby said: “Me as a birthing partner.”

Others said they had done the same thing.

@BainesOnToast_ commented: “Are you really a dad if you haven’t had a bang on the old gas and air?”

@KevMersh said: “I got a row aff the midwife cause I was going for it when my first son was born.

“She goes ‘I need you to have your wits about you,’ I said ‘You’re about ten years too late hen.’”

Steven helped himself to gas as he feeling a bit light-headed
Steven helped himself Entonox as he feeling a bit bored

Speaking today, new Dad to baby Ayden explained why he wanted the gas.

He said: “She was in labour for ten hours and was on morphine, I just got bored.

“Almost everyone who I have spoken to has had a shot of it. My dad said he did it when mum was in with me.

“I was just a bit light headed and giggly.”

Steven also confirmed that Sam saw the funny side of the clip.

He added: “She couldn’t stop watching, she thought it was hilarious.”

Entonox, which “can take the edge off” labour pain rather than providing complete relief, makes some users light-headed and giggly.

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