Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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“You can take the child out of Scotland” Mum posts pic of kids’ brilliant fashion shop sabotage

A SCOTTISH mum has revealed how her young children sabotaged an H&M jumper to make it read: “Born to s***e.”

The youngsters, aged nine and 11, were playing with a jumper which displayed the slogans “Born to skate” or “Born to Chill” despending which way the sequins were brushed.

The pair brilliantly realised that if they kept the “s” and “te” from the first and the “hi” from the second they could make something delightfully rude.

Catriona Black, who is currently living in the Netherlands with her offspring, posted the result with the caption: “You can take the child out of Scotland.”

The unfortunate gaffe was spotted and posted to Twitter

Catriona was shopping in the fashion retailer in Haarlem, North Holland, when she heard the kids giggling behind and realised what they had done.

The artist took to Twitter yesterday to share the humourous spot where it has racked up more than 16,000 likes

She said: “Don’t think H&M thought this through. My children did. You can take the child out of Scotland.”

The images show one green jumper saying “Born to skate” with the word “skate” designed with black and blue sequins.

The tweet shows what the shirt is meant to do

Another image shows the same jumper saying “born to chill” with the word “chill” designed using silver and black sequins.

The final image shows how Catriona’s kids managed to cleverly combine the two phrases to make the jumper read “Born to s***e.”

@mcr_luna responded: “I’m applauding them right now for top quality content.”

Referencing the infamous “which one of you’s took a s*** and forgot to flush” viral video, @michal_lfc said: “Desgustann!”

Catriona said she feels guilty for not buying the top now the post has gone viral

@uilleam_beag pointed out: “That’s pure genius, and technically the only version that’s biologically accurate.”

@sufiboy said: “Please tell me they do that in adult sizes.”

Catriona said today: “ I was busy looking at something else, but heard an awful lot of giggling so I turned around and saw what the kids had done.

“It was hilarious because they’re such shy, polite children and would never dream of saying the word out loud! Now that it’s gone viral I feel kinda guilty for not buying them the top.”

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