Amazing moment dog lost in freezing mountains is spotted and rescued by Coastguard chopper


AMAZING footage captures the moment a freezing dog was lifted into a Coastguard helicopter after being lost in the mountains for two days.

After Ben disappeared on Monday afternoon during a walk with its owner, Fiona Young sent out desperate pleas on Facebook to try and find him.

Things were not looking good for the cavachon, which was lost in freezing conditions in the Cairngorm mountains.

But luck was on Ben’s side when a Coastguard helicopter from Inverness that was training in the area spotted the pooch on a cliff edge with a 200ft drop.

The dog was winched into the helicopter, at around midday today, and reunited with Fiona and Ian, from Inverness, shortly afterwards.

The video taken from the helicopter starts with little Ben being seen on the cliff edge in the freezing conditions.

Following this he can then be seen slowly, but surely, being hauled up into the helicopter with the winch.

The winchman can be seen swaying back and forth grasping onto the dog as they get carried up through the bitter conditions.

Finally, the dog manages to reach the helicopter and can be seen shivering and shaking the snow off it’s head.

Ben was reunited with his owner after the terrifying ordeal

Another photo shows little Ben wrapped up in a towel whilst being held by winchman Kate Willoughby.

Ian had been walking with Ben in the mountains when the dog ran off and quickly got lost.

After days of trying to look for him, Fiona posted a public post this morning expressing how delighted she was that he had been found.

She said: “Update! Ben has been found! We have just found out!

“He is getting checked out by vets, but seems ok! Please share and let everyone know! I’ll update with photos when I can.”

Facebook users were quick to comment congratulating the coastguards.

Wendy Rogers said: “Well done to you all, absolute heroes. I have been following this on Facebook for the last two days.”

Gerry Gee commented: “Brilliant.”

Cat Catty said: “Thank you to all the crew for rescuing Ben.”

Christine Graham commented: “Thank you! This little dog belongs to my friend Ian Young and his family. Because of you Ben’s story has a happy ending!”

Kate Rigby said: “I’ve been following the plight of this little dog for the last couple of days.

Absolutely amazing. Well done everyone involved.”

Holly McCallion commented: “This little dog is so lucky.”

Commenting on the rescue Maritime and Coastguard Agency explained how they made the rescue.

The Maritime and Coastguard spotted Ben on a training exercise

They said: “A little dog, who had been missing for 48 hours in the terrible weather conditions of Storm Gareth, was spotted on a narrow ledge with a 200ft vertical drop below by the Coastguard helicopter crew.

“The Inverness helicopter crew – Captain Simon Hammock, Co-pilot Roger Sherriff, Winch Operator Rob Glendinning and Winchman Mark Stevens, were undertaking some essential winter training with another Winchman Kate Willoughby visiting from Humberside Coastguard helicopter base at Stag Rocks in the Cairngorms.

“To put their winter skills to the test, the two Winchmen were dropped off at a nearby bothy to undertake essential medical training in the snow.

“The remaining helicopter crew flew off to simulate a refuel and as they circled 1000ft up Loch Avon in the Cairngorms, a nearby section of cloud cleared and they happened to spot the dog perched precariously on the ledge.

“The helicopter crew noted the position, went back to collect the two training winchmen and returned to the stranded dog.

The weather had luckily presented them an ideal window of opportunity to use the rest of their training time to rescue the dog!

“Little ‘Ben’ was terrified and cold, so it was flown to the nearby Glenmore Lodge who then rushed it to the Strathspey Veterinary Centre.

We have since heard that the dog is doing well and has been happily reunited with its owner.”

The crew saved the dog who had been missing for 48 hours

A spokesman for the Coastguard said the rescue was carried out because they were on a training mission in the area.

He said a rescue helicopter would not have been scrambled for a report of a lost dog

The Coastguard later posted video of the dog relaxing with rescuers at their base in Inverness.

He can be seem shaking all the dirt and mud off his fur as he looks delighted to be back in warmer conditions.

In the short video laughter can be heard as well as someone saying: “Wow, that is amazing.”