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NewsCar smashes into road sign after swerving to avoid kid on bike...

Car smashes into road sign after swerving to avoid kid on bike who darted into traffic

DRAMATIC footage shows a young cyclist dart into the road causing a car to swerve and smash at high speed into a road sign.

The driver of the vehicle loses control as they try to dodge the cyclist who has carelessly crossed the road without any sense of danger.

The crash was captured on the CCTV of Jaine Rowley, whose house looks out onto the scene on Newbrook Road in Bolton, Greater Manchester and shared online.

The clip was uploaded shortly after the shocking incident took place on Sunday 24 March. It is understood the driver sustained injuries to his shoulder and hip.

The footage shows the young cyclists riding carelessly.

Jaine captioned the video: “Please share this. Two kids on bikes just caused a really bad accident and rode away on their bikes leaving the driver badly shook up and his car written off!!

“Newbrook Road at 7.15pm tonight. Their parents need to be notified of what they have done tonight.”

The video starts by showing the pair of cyclists on the pavement outside the house, and one of them appears to find something on the ground.

He then picks it up and throws it aggressively into the pavement before they head off.

The driver managed to avoid the kids, but his car took a hit.

As one of them follows the pavement up the street, the lad who has just thrown an object decides to cross the road dangerously.

He can be seen looking for oncoming traffic and would no doubt have realised that a car was coming but went out in front of it anyway.

At the last second, the cyclist pulls away from the path of the car but not before the driver has swerved out the way at speed.

The vehicle mounts the pavement and loses control before wrapping itself around a road sign and the cyclists leave the scene.

At the time of the incident, Greater Manchester Police posted an image of the damage to the car on their traffic Twitter account.

The car can be seen under the buckled sign with extensive damage to the front, including a burst tyre on the passenger side.

They captioned the picture: “Just dealing with a RTC on Newbrook Road, Over Hulton.

“The driver of the Ford Focus collided with the street sign when he miraculously avoided a cyclist who crossed the road without looking.

“The cyclist failed to stop at the scene. Quick reactions prevented serious injury!”

This is not the first time the cyclists have caused trouble in the community.

Jaine said that the incident was the latest act of trouble from the cyclists who have been terrorising the community.

She said: “These two have been causing trouble for months now. Abusing walkers, dodging traffic, damaging property. If their parents have not seen this video yet then there’s something wrong!

“Hopefully they will do the right thing.”

Jaine revealed the driver suffered minor injuries to his shoulder and hip as a result of the impact.

Online, Wendy Howlett wrote: “That is one very lucky kid. Sad about the driver who avoided hitting him. Well done driver.”

Louise Mary said: “Bloody hell, poor guy. Someone should know who these kids are.”

Mark Rowley commented: “No lights on one bike and only a rear light on the other bike, no reflective clothing – just pure stupidity. Could have been killed.”

Andrew Hodson raged: “Some kids just don’t have a care in the world!”

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