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NewsHolidaymaker posts revolting picture of raw chicken served up at TUI four...

Holidaymaker posts revolting picture of raw chicken served up at TUI four star hotel

The food has been so undercooked the group have been forced to eat out.

A HOLIDAYMAKER has posted revolting images of raw chicken served up at his TUI “four star” hotel during a £1,300 break.

James Collins claims he regularly received undercooked meat during evening meals at the Marina Parc Hotel in Arenal D’en Castell.

The security officer from Brighton was so appalled by a chicken dish he took pictures and posted them to TUI’s Facebook page.

The chicken leg appears drastically undercooked throughout and almost completely raw towards the middle.

The holidaymakers claim that TUI have been no help and they are stuck out in Spain for another week.

James and his party shelled out for all-inclusive but have run up large extra bills eating out as a result of the poor food at the hotel. James alone reckons he will end up forking out an extra £1,000 for meals.

James’ other complaints include mould in rooms, bar queues of 25 minutes, lack of entertainment and rude staff.

The 27-year-old is only a week into his fortnight break but posted: “I am just about ready to come home. TUI UK are an absolute disgrace.”

He added: “The rooms are full of mould, the food has been non-existent or raw, one bar open for the whol hotel at night with queues of 25 mins and a maximum of two-party sized cups, some rooms have rats, no entertainment and rude incompetent staff.”

It is estimated that the party will have to shell out around £1000 per head on dining out.

TUI responded to James and said: “Hi James, I am sorry to hear of your disappointment, please ensure you notify a rep or speak with our 24/7 holiday line.”

James, who is part of a group of 11, responded: “We have another week here and would rather you just put us on the next flight home if you can’t change us to a competent hotel.”

Mina Kowalkowski responded: “Four years ago I went here and the issues were the same then. Couldn’t believe it was four-star, it was absolutely gross.

“If this would have been my first holiday with TUI it defo would have been my last. Put me off Spain for life and never been back since.”

Other social media users have complained about the same hotel.

Yvonne Lally added: “Disgusting, you must be so, so disappointed.”

Speaking today, James said: “We asked to move to another hotel and were told this would come at an extra cost of £1,130 to move us all.

“We said we would like to fly home and were told to pay for our own flights and make our way to the airport but we dont have a mass of money because we have been eating out as a result of the raw food.”

As well as raw food, the hotel appears to be mouldy.

Raw chicken can cause abdominal pain, diarrhoea and vomiting which can also lead to several illnesses including campylobacter, salmonella and E.Col.

Last year, an inquest confirmed how a mother died after eating raw chicken on a holiday in Greece.

Natalie Rawnsley, who was a 37-year-old triathlete, had only taken one mouthful of the chicken, but contracted the E-coli bug after suffering from severe food poisoning at the Corfu hotel.

The group are on a two week getaway but James has said he is ready to come home.

Following a statement from Natalie’s husband Stewart, Professor Sebastien Lucas explained the effects of the E-Coli infection.

He said: “Assuming it is an E-Coli infection, there’s a tipping point when it starts producing DIC [disseminated intravascular coagulation, where blood clots develop in the bloodstream].

“Once it starts doing that, you are doomed. The chronology I heard from Mr Rawnsley fits with that view.”

The hotel was sold as 4 stars but appears to have dropped to 3.

A spokesman for TUI said: “We are very sorry to hear of Mr Collins experience on his holiday and thank him for bringing this to our attention.

“We can confirm that we are now in contact with Mr Collins in resort to discuss his concerns and look into this further.”

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