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4 Most Important Backpack Packing Tips That You Must Know


Vacations are the best time of the year because you can travel to different places. Since you’re here, it means you got your tickets booked but aren’t yet sure what to pack. No worries! This article will help you pack your backpack in the most convenient way. Don’t forget to choose the right bag!

Keep The Load Minimum

It is essential for us to understand the prominence of carrying a lightweight backpack. During travelling, we have to carry them along with us. Hence, it is important to minimise the contents the bag holds. While packing, keep asking yourself if you really want that piece of shirt or the pair of shoes you are planning to take. Most of the times, we just pack stuff we don’t even use during the journey. So, why even carry them all along?

Assign the Right Place to Each Item

Place the heavy items in the vertical section of the bag close to your back and the light ones away. Also, remember to make the most frequently used things easily accessible. In line is the list of small and fragile stuff that requires a lot of attention. Wrap your fancy perfume glass bottles in bubble wrap or papers. This will protect them from breaking. For the small, delicate items like jewellery, a travel jewellery case is available. Invest in this since things like these make it easier to pack your backpacks without being anxious about the articles you are carrying. This makes travelling less restless and more fun.

Credit: Tyson Dudley

The Kind of Clothes to Carry

To ensure fitting plenty of items in a small space, roll your clothes instead of folding them. Focus more on carrying lightweight clothes to keep your backpack light. These clothes roll and dry easily while consuming fewer spaces. Ensure fetching dark coloured clothes that can be paired up with anything in any place. You can repeat these without having to wash them since they are less likely to be stained.

What to wear and what to pack first?

The first rule of stuffing is to pack the most important stuff first that you will definitely need. This way, you can later decide if you have enough space for the rest or not. In addition, using this method saves you the time of packing and emptying the bag on your realisation of lesser space and then re-packing.

Also remember, ALWAYS wear your heaviest pair of jeans or the bulkiest jacket you are willing to carry. This reduces the amount of weight you carry in the bag and hence, helps with luggage check-ins at the airport, too.

Filling your backpack might have always been your worst nightmare but it isn’t one right now, right? I’m sure your travelling will become hassle-free with these tips. Now that you are done packing, ready to go? Bonne journée!