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NewsShocking images show how Mum's washing machine door 'exploded' sending shards across...

Shocking images show how Mum’s washing machine door ‘exploded’ sending shards across kitchen

A TERRIFIED mum has slammed Argos for selling a “time bomb waiting to go off” after she claimed her washing machine exploded.

Sarah-Louise Bell from Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire was horrified when her £240 Bush washing machine door smashed, sending five inch glass shards across her kitchen floor.

The 24-year-old says the incident occurred in the early hours of 26 July morning when the machine was full, but completely switched off.

Mum of two Sarah-Louise took to Facebook with a lengthy post to vent her frustrations with Argos who she says accepted no responsibility for the malfunction.

Shard of glass
Sarah-Louise says her machine was turned off when the incident happened

She shared the shocking images of the broken glass as a warning to other customers after only buying the machine 14 months ago.

In the post she writes: “Does anybody else know it to be normal for a machine to break in the middle of the night while not in use or turned on? […] 

“Anybody with this model be wary! Do not stand in front of it or near it when on spin I have absolutely no faith this was a time bomb waiting to go off”.

Images accompanying the post show Sarah-Louise holding up shards of glass the size of her hand.

Another shows her children’s clothes inside the machine framed by the jagged edges of what remains of the door.

Both she and her four-year-old son Charlie stood on the pieces after being woken by the noise of the door smashing, but neither have been seriously hurt.

She has now been left to foot the bill for the repair, as the product is two months out of warranty.

Broken washing machine
Sarah-Louise has been left without a replacement for over a week

Sarah-Louise also says she has been offered no explanation for the explosion and has concerns over its safety.

Speaking today, she said: “It’s put the fear in me, I don’t even want a washing machine in the house anymore. My kids were playing in front of it all day and it could have happened at any time.

“I feel really sick thinking about what could have happened, they’re four and two so they’re at eye-level with it. My anxiety is really bad at the moment and I cried all weekend over it, but even my friends were shook too.”

Sarah-Louise has been left without a replacement for almost a week and says she is spending a fortune on taxis to her local laundrette.

She added: “It’s very inconvenient and it’s seriously stressing me out. There has been no customer service, I won’t spend any more money at Argos.”

Argos has apologised to Sarah-Louise and said they will be investigating the “isolated experience.”

A spokeswoman said: “We have apologised to Sarah-Louise and are arranging to collect the machine to investigate this isolated experience with the manufacturer. 

“We are also arranging to replace the machine or provide a refund.”

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