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Scot left in stitches after ordering bedside cabinets for room – not realising they’re for dolls house

A SCOTS woman was left in stitches after ordering bedside cabinets for her room – not realising they were actually meant for a dolls house.

Chloe McKay said she didn’t look at the small print when she bought the DesignaFriend Wooden Bedside Tables from Argos last week.

The 25-year-old, from Drumchapel, Glasgow, thought she had bagged herself a bargain after finding the cabinets in the clearance section of the company’s website, priced at just £7.

The bedside cabinets were small
The bedside cabinets were intended for a doll’s house. Credit: Chloe McKay

But she couldn’t believe her eyes when the delivery finally arrived in a small box and she opened it to find two tiny drawers that could fit in her hands.

Chloe captured photographs showing a can of Irn-Bru perched on top of one of the white units.

She posted the snaps on Twitter on Monday (1 AUG), writing: “I went on to Google looking for bedside drawers but I never read the description and this is what I’ve ordered.

“Cannot stop laughing.”

Her post received over 7,400 likes and over a hundred comments from social media users who were amused by the blunder.

One said: “How long did they take to build?”

Another wrote: “That’s all bedside drawers are used for aren’t they.”

A third commented: “Where did you get that massive can of Irn-Bru?”

While one person added: “That could pass off as Modern Art.”

The post has also been re-shared across multiple viral social media pages where it has attracted thousands of likes and comments

Speaking today (FRI), Chloe said: “I’ve just moved house and was looking for ages for bedside drawers and searched for ages and these ones came up on Google from Argos.

“I never read the description but in the title never mentioned anything about them being for a dolls house.

“So there was me thinking I had ordered proper normal size drawers and when they came they were in a tiny wee box.

“I ordered two sets as well.

Chloe McKay
Chloe McKay purchased the bedside drawer.

“They were in the clearance section for £7. Honestly, I don’t know why I never clicked that it was far too cheap for a drawer.

“I blame the stress of only having four days to move house.

“I just laughed and didn’t know what to think and couldn’t stop laughing.”

Argos are advertising the drawers on their website alongside images appearing as if they are set up next to a normal bed.

However, their description reads: “Add some style to your doll’s bedroom with the DesignaFriend Wooden Bedside Tables.

“The set includes two white wooden tables with a shelf for holding your doll’s favourite book or magazine and a grey cupboard with heart detail that opens and closes.

“The wooden bedside tables are designed for use in the DesignaFriend Wooden Dolls House and for your 18 inch DesignaFriend dolls.

“However, they can also be used with other dolls of a similar size.”

Chloe hasn’t been the only one who mistakenly thought the cabinets were for the side of regular sized beds.

One review read: “Didn’t realise when I ordered them. They are for a dolls house.”

And another read: “We ordered these as [they] looked okay in advert. On collection realised they are dolls house furniture, no mention in advert.”

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