COMEDY – Adam Hess: My Grandad Has a Fringe



[star rating =4/5]

I’VE BEEN following Adam Hess on Twitter for years and have very often found myself laughing out loud or at the very least, letting out an exhale of approval as I’m scrolling down my Twitter feed, his live show was no different.

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From the very beginning, he injects energy into the room (all-be it an arguably nervous energy), he encourages audience participation and immediately dives into a picture slideshow about how much he hates white dogs with dirty fur and how his mum defeated ‘varifocal glasses’ which sets the tone for the rest of the show – manic, unorganised but undeniably amusing.

Adam clearly has a lot on his mind as he frantically bounces across the stage, covering every square inch of what feels like his mind and the stage.

More than once he would go to start a story or wander off on a tangent before realising and quickly telling us all ‘to never mind never mind, WHERE WAS I AGAIN?’ and begin the story and try and get the punchline.

He warmly recalls stories of his childhood, failed dates and finds humour in the unfortunate moments life throws at us. His observational comedy is amusing and gives food for thought on things we are already thinking or are too scared to say out loud.

If you’re stuck for a show and want to see something light hearted and enjoyable, add this one to your list, a little more organisation wouldn’t hurt but, in the end, isn’t that the whole point of the Fringe?