MAGIC – #Dave Alnwick: Actual Magic at Voodoo Rooms Speakeasy


“Just because a show’s free doesn’t mean it’s bad.” Dave Alnwick certainly proved this to be true in his extremely funny and perfectly charming magic show that got plenty of gasps and laughs from the audience.

[star rating =4/5]

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From reading people’s minds to predicting the future, the audience found themselves delighted and bamboozled all at once by Alnwick’s performance.

There was of course audience participation for the tricks. So much audience participation, in fact, that it shattered the long-held belief that magicians plant people in the audience to be their assistants.

Seeing is believing and many of the audience were spellbound by Dave’s abilities.

Actual Magic is what Dave promised. Did he actually deliver? Quite possibly.

Throughout the performance Alnwick told little stories about small snippets of his life which he tied together at the end. They all related in some way to his grandfather, the person who inspired him to become a magician.

This knowledge changed the nature of the performance somewhat. What started out as a funny, clever magic show became a loving tribute by Alnwick to his grandfather and was filled with the tricks he used to perform for him.

But of course, after this sombre and very personal moment, Alnwick lightened the mood once again with one final trick that really had to be seen to be believed.