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NewsShocking footage shows how motorcyclist suffered "broken rib" after being "run off...

Shocking footage shows how motorcyclist suffered “broken rib” after being “run off road” by Honda driver

A MOTORCYCLIST has claimed he is “lucky to be alive” as shocking footage shows how a Honda Civic “ran him off the road.”

Colin Mawdsley said he sustained a broken rib after the car pulled out in front of him resulting in him hurtling into the back of it.

The 50-year-old Quality Auditor from Sheffield, South Yorkshire was on his way home from work when he claims he was “run off the road”.

He was riding his Suzuki Hayabusa in overtaking lane on the Ridgeway Road at 18:45 on 5 October.

A black Honda Civic then pulled into the right lane in front of him without using their indicators.

The clip shows how Colin was thrown from his bike. The camera on his helmet catches the way the impact makes his body flip and spin before lying still on the ground.

The Honda Civic driver then fled the scene.

Ambulance workers had to cut Colin out of his clothes before treating him for a broken rib, a swollen elbow and damage to his left leg.

He has called the car driver a “potential murderer”.

Colin posted the clip to Facebook the next day when he got home from the hospital writing: “On the way home from work last night, somebody tried to kill me!

Colin shared shocking photos of his injuries

“I was overtaking him quite legitimately on Ridgeway Road, Gleedless about 18:45 last night (OCT 5TH) and he ran me off the road.

“I had my helmet-cam on, but unfortunately, because it was dark, the license plate of this potential murderer was not quite visible.

“The Police, however, may have better software and be able to get his license plate – we’ll see tomorrow.

“Unfortunately though, I have a broken rib, an immensely swollen elbow and yet again have damaged my left leg. There’s a hole now… in the skin.

“Lost my warm waterproofs and a pair of cargo pants (cut off by the ambulance crew).

“I will post the video from my helmet cam soon, but I have been in A&E for almost 7hrs and just got home.

Colin’s injuries included a broken rib and severe lacerations

“Oh, and the Hayabusa is wrecked… again… and I’m very lucky to be alive.”

He also added: “Later peeps, need alcohol.”

Other Facebook users were shocked by the car driver’s behaviour.

John Bryson wrote: “Hope you are ok there are some d***heads out there.”

Jose Ignacio Ossa said: “They should absolutely be brought up on attempted manslaughter charges. They were was driving recklessly and angry. They hit you on purpose.”

Kim McMaster added: “Hope the police do something, feel better soon.”

However, some said Colin was also at fault.

Peter Hudson commented: “Its all well and good saying the driver is at fault when you’ve spent half your time riding down the middle of the carriageway. Not saying he was right but your driving leaves a lot to be desired.”

Kieran Hallgarth wrote: “Both driving at ridiculous speeds, shouldn’t be such a c***.”

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