Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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HGV driver almost hit by 19kg sandbag dropped from M5 bridge by teenagers

YOBS hurled a 19kg sandbag from a motorway bridge and through the windscreen of an HGV, missing the driver by inches.

Pictures taken by Paul Hilton show a gaping hole in the windscreen caused by the three-stone missile.

The cab of his 24-ton vehicle, which was travelling at 54mph when it was hit in Gloucestershire, is covered with sand.

Pauls post highlighted what has happened to him, also expressing his shock.

Paul wrote online: “So this happened to me last night on the M5 junction eight, southbound at Tewkesbury last night at 11pm.

“Three stone sandbag thrown from bridge by three teens, thrown down at a lorry travelling at 54 miles an hour with about 24 tons on the back.”

“This could have caused fatalities. They will brag to someone and then they are facing attempted murder. I hope they get hold of you, you horrible little f******.”

Paul, 43, from Oldham, Greater Manchester, added: “I’m glad to walk away from this, the next person or family might not be so lucky.”

The videos Paul captured after the incident show the damage caused by the sandbag. The HGVs front window completely caved in.

As Paul films he can be heard saying: “Get me out of here.”

Another short video shows Paul go into the cab, a mixture of glass and sand can be seen coating everything and the huge hole in the window gaping open.

Heather Turner responded online: “Hope you weren’t physically injured, but mentally get some time off to nip it in the bud before it takes over your head.”

Dave Heenan commented: “Glad you’re ok mate. Shocking f****** behaviour.”

Jordan Daniel Ryan posted: “Little c*** really hope they get caught and the book thrown at them!

“So glad you’re alright, total w***** what’s wrong with kids these days! I lived right near the A45 where the teenagers dropped that concrete block off the A45 few years ago and killed the poor bloke driving. Total scum, again glad you’re alright take all the time off work you need pal!!”

The damage the sandbag left was devestating.

Carole Phillips also said: “What an evil mind it took to do such a thing. Thank goodness you survived this attack, but I would think it will take sometime to get over the shock. My best wishes to you.”

Laura Clark commented: “This is absolutely awful! What the hell is wrong with kids these days that outcome could of been so much worse.”

Speaking today, Paul said: “ I’m well, still in shock but well. Turned out ok in the end and that is what I am happy about.”

A spokeswoman for Gloucestershire Constabulary said: “Fortunately the driver, despite being very shocked, managed to retain control of his vehicle and stop safely.”

PC Tim Griffiths, one of the officers investigating the incident, said “I’m appealing for the person responsible to come forward. I suspect this is probably the actions of someone out on Halloween with their friends, probably showing off.

“I cannot stress in the most serious terms how dangerous it is to do such a stupid thing. The lorry driver could have been seriously hurt or even killed.   If he had been rendered unconscious or had lost control of his lorry then we could easily have been dealing with serious injuries or fatalities.”

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