Lorry driver can’t hide his glee as van from “enemy” DVSA needs a tow after getting stuck in mud


A LORRY driver has captured the hilarious moment a vehicle from the UK’s driving standards organisation has to be towed after getting stuck in the mud.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) spends around £374m a year ensuring that drivers know how to drive and that vehicles are safe.

So Michael Chandler could barely believe his eyes when he spotted one “enemy” DVSA vehicle having to be rescued from a soggy grass verge by another this morning (wed).

The 37-year-old started filming as the stranded van, wheels spinning in the wrecked grass, was finally pulled free.

Michael, from Emsworth Hampshire, filmed the incident in Hillingdon, London, and posted the footage to social media with the caption: “This just happened right next to me.”

He also posted it to a public Facebook group saying: “For your viewing pleasure ladies and gentlemen (and because it’s 2019 whatever other gender any of you identify as.)”

The video shows the DVSA van stuck over a kerb. The wing mirrors on Michael’s lorry also shows the DVSA car with a long tether trying to tow the van.

The van’s front left wheel is seen spinning frantically as it tries to find grip in the mud.

After sometime the van was able to get out of the embankment with the help of the towing DVSA car.

Michael is then heard at the end of the clip giving a cheeky chuckle as to what he just witnessed.

The DVSA can be seen unfortunately stuck in the wing mirror.

The video has left many finding the situation hilarious.

Cillian Carroll said: “He can’t park that there!”

Ben Cummings added: “Your little laugh says it all! Sound so proud of yourself.”
Darren Playle wrote: “Keep off the f****** grass.”
Michael said he was about to take a nap when he heard the commotion.
Michael said: “Well I was just starting to doze off to be honest with you and kept hearing an engine revving which woke me up, because I’m a lorry driver and it was a DVSA van that was stuck I knew the best thing to do was get it all on camera! 
“The thing is I don’t even know why he went up on the mud like that because there was absolutely no need to. It was another DVSA vehicle that towed him out.
“As for the reaction I knew all the fellow lorry drivers would have a good laugh about because DVSA are the enemy!”

The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency are sponsored by the Department for Transport an employ around 4,600 people.

The DVSA, previously VOSA, are tasked with carrying out driving tests as well as approving driving instructors and MOT testers.

They also carry out test to ensure lorries and buses are safe to drive on the roads and carry out roadside tests on drivers and vehicles.