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NewsWowcher customer claims £99 mystery hotel looks like a "ket den" and...

Wowcher customer claims £99 mystery hotel looks like a “ket den” and warns she will not be “returning alive”

A CUSTOMER service worker has told of her horror after buying a £99 mystery holiday only to find out her hotel looks like a “ket den”.

Bryony Scott from Glasgow joked she “will not be returning alive” from the Wowcher holiday, which sees customers pay for a trip without knowing their end destination.

Bryony, who is due to travel on 24th January for three nights, was initially ecstatic to learn she would be visiting Budapest, Hungary.

However, her delight at visiting one of Europe’s most famed capitals turned to dismay when she checked reviews for the 3 star Hotel Fortuna on Trip Advisor.

Photos of the hotel, which enjoys a central location, show it looking “like a crime scene” with a grimy bathroom, cobwebs at the windows and bizarrely, a fence set up next to the bed.

The room has some unusual features

One review from a user named Dani R accused the hotel of being infested with “spider nests and spider eggs”.

Dani R blasted the lack of room service and housekeeping, writing: “In the bathroom, towels dirty and in the shower curtain, hair of other people.

“I write here in the intention that nobody ever have the same experience than I. It’s a pity for Budapest!! Really. Don’t choose Hotel Fortuna at all!”

An anxious Bryony took to social media to share her horror.

She tweeted: “Right so booked the Wowcher Mystery Holiday last year. I go away in about 20 days.

“Just checked the hotel am staying at and a can confirm – it looks like a f****** ket den. Will not be returning alive.”

She followed up the tweet with another, saying: “There’s a fence next to the bed, the shower looks like a crime scene.

“If I don’t laugh I’ll f****** cry, I’m taking a f****** sleeping bag.”

One TripAdvisor photo shows cobwebs at the window

Bryony’s posts, which have been liked more than 18,000 times, sparked amusement among social media users.

@scouselouse wrote: “Watch the film ‘Hostel’ just before you go for added excitement.”

@sofmo added: “At least you won’t fall out of bed.”

And @LouCatB said: “Omg how they can send anyone there, no matter how much you paid?!”

The Hotel Fortuna has an average two and half star rating on Trip Advisor, with many other travelers sharing their own nightmare experiences.

In her one star review, holidaymaker Katie D wrote: “This place is horrible […] The place needs serious updating and very serious deep cleaning.”

However, Pauline C gave the hotel four stars and said: “It needs an uplift, however it’s quite reasonable and good value for money with larger than normal rooms.

Guests complained about “spider nests”

“The breakfast is more than sufficient. What makes this hotel so special is the efficient and kind hearted receptionist with very good mastery of English.”

Speaking today, Bryony said: “The holiday was booked as a spur of the moment thing. Me and my friend came across the deal and it was all over social media.

“We booked the holiday and a week later we found out where we going. Straight away myself and my friend found that if we wanted to fly from a Scottish airport it’ll cost extra. So we paid an extra £80, which took away the aspect of the holiday being £99.

“My friend checked the hotel and said it didn’t look great at a first glance.

“My friend has contacted Weekender Breaks and they wont move us hotels unless we pay another £60 which we wont be paying.”

She added: “I knew I wouldn’t be staying in a place like the Hilton with paying £100. But it’ll be a laugh and I’m sure it’ll have some good stories to tell.”

Urban Dictionary defines a “ket den” as: “A place where drugs and the base are dropped all day every day. Generally smells like p*** and the people that reside there live off a solitary diet of cocaine and ketamine.”

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