Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Missguided customer calls in mum to fix dress than looked like a “f****** table cloth”

A MISSGUIDED shopper has revealed how her mum spent two hours fixing her fashion fail after she “ordered a dress but got a f****** table cloth”.

Catrina Gordon from Middlesborough, North Yorkshire says she “had a breakdown” when her £22 Red Floral Smock dress arrived on Saturday, looking much larger than its pictures online.

Photos show an unimpressed Catrina, 20, modelling the tent-like garment compared to Missguided’s promotional shots of the mini dress.

The furious nursery nurse took to social media to slam the retailer, sharing the images with the caption: “Ordered a dress got a f****** table cloth. @Missguided, thanks!”

Luckily mum Ruth, 60, was on hand with her sewing kit and managed to save the day, transforming the oversize outfit into something much more wearable.

In a second tweet, a delighted Catrina decided to show off her mum’s handiwork.

Catrina was gobsmacked when her dress arrived

She posted pictures of her newly tailored dress with the caption: “My amazing mam fixed the dress for me.

“Took her like 2 hours but least I had a f****** outfit eh Missguided? Still a joke and I want my money back.”

Catrina’s initial posts sparked amusement among friends.

Alexandra Gordon wrote: “Hahahaha I am screaming eh that’s so long?”

Megan Harrington added: “Why is it so long?”

And Emily Lowrie said: “I’m f****** howling here, she’s lost sleep over this.”

Speaking today, Catrina said: “Honestly, I laughed at first but I was just disappointed and angry because I literally needed it for the night time. I had nothing else to wear.

Thankfully Ruth was on hand to salvage the dress

“I had to rush to shops and there wasn’t anything I liked. So I was stressed out.

“My mum normally takes trousers up for me, but never anything as crafty as this. I had a breakdown as you do and she said I can try and sort it out for you, but I can’t guarantee it will be done in time.

“She had like two hours to do it so a lot of pressure. Honestly she did an amazing job.

“I got so many compliments on it, but I just wish it didn’t take all that stress. The dress should’ve came how it was advertised.

“Everyone was shocked when I turned up in the dress because I’d told them about what had happened.

“If it wasn’t for my mam I wouldn’t of had anything to wear.”

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