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The Importance of Choosing the Right Set-Top Box

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Nowadays, set-top boxes have become almost as important as HDTVs themselves. Installing a dynamic IPTV set-top box to your HDTV can definitely transform your everyday experience. However, the difficult part of this technology is knowing what the best tv box for your TV is. Here are some points to keep in mind while purchasing a set-top-box. Price isn’t normally a significant factor since most set-top boxes have become quite affordable in recent years.

  1. Type of Content 

It’s important to know the type of content that you can stream using any particular set-top box. Most Smart TVs these days already have Netflix pre-installed, so that’s not a problem. But what if you like to watch Hulu or HBO Go or Amazon Video? As you narrow down your preferences, your options will fall as well. Using Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr though is easier on an IPTV box like a MAG box.

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2. Streaming Quality

Each box will stream content at a different quality, which is also a deciding factor. While purchasing the box, make sure that the content you want to view on your particular TV set streams at a high-quality. 

3. Storage Space

This may not sound so important at first, but the amount of storage of a set-top box is an important factor when picking one. If you’re just concerned with streaming shows and social media, you’re fine. But if you want to build a music library and download movies or games, you’ll need sufficient storage space on your device. The bottom line is, the more functions you want, the more space you’ll have to consider.

In order to get the best set-top box for your needs, make sure you’re buying from the right shop. For instance, SwitchOnshop is a great site, thanks to a vast selection of devices you can buy with different storage capacities that will meet your needs and preferences. Switch On shop is also the official representative of the Infomir brand, and aside from set-top boxes they also sell accessories and sound amplifiers. 

4. Remote Control

A good box should always be accompanied with an easy to use remote control. Many companies usually build their remote controls to match all your needs and give you a user-friendly experience. What’s more, is that you can even install their alternative smartphone apps on your phone. This way your HDTV box can be accessed from anywhere in the vicinity.

5. Compatibility

The basic function of a set-top TV box is to upgrade your devices to a ‘Smart’ standard of living. With the right box, you can get your game console, your TV, your DVD player, as well as your smartphone all connected with each other!

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6. Interface

The interface is the last key factor when it comes to deciding which TV box is for you. The input and output functions of any set-top TV box should be simple yet varied. How easy is it to use the remote control? Are the graphics of high quality? Do you find the box easy to use? Or is it unnecessarily complicated? Is the device easily navigable with interactive features? These few questions will help you a great deal in deciding which set-top box you should go for.


Choosing a good TV box may seem really tricky. But if you consider the factors given above, you’re likely to make the right choice!

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