Spam mail! Welder baffles internet after posting snap of ham sandwich stuffed through his letter box

A WELDER has baffled the internet after posting a picture of a ham sandwich – which had been stuffed through his letter box.
The “spam mail” was found by Tom Brazil when he arrived home from football training last Thursday.
Tom, from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, took a picture of the bizarre delivery and posted the snap to social media.
The “spam mail” was found by Tom Brazil when he arrived home from football training on Thursday.
He wrote: “Right I’m not happy!
“Whoever has put a ham sandwich in my letterbox, I suggest you come and retrieve it now before I go to the authorities.
“You have 10 minutes.”
The picture shows Tom’s letterbox with a sandwich filled with ham propping open the flap. 
The post has led to many people leaving their sandwich puns in the comments.
Tony Minion Moore said: “Is it spam mail.”
Melissa Bullen added: “Are you sure it’s not just a snack-cident?”
Tammy Anne Marie Delph wrote: “Bloody in breads.”
The picture of the sandwich was well recieved by social media users.
Jason Fisher said: “Well if it had some salad in it as well I would make you an offer for it.”
Daniel Collison added: “Jesus be grateful and never be too proud for hamdouts.”
Tom jokingly commented: “I feel like this isn’t being taken seriously.”
The welder today said that he has no idea who or why somebody would post a ham sandwich.
Tom said: “It was there when I came home from football training late last night. No idea whether someone I know is playing a prank, but no one is owning up so I’ve got no idea.
“I live in a lovely quiet little village where nothing really happens. If I’m honest I found it absolutely hilarious.

“I just put it straight in the wheelie bin as it’s bin day today. Never had anything but letters to be honest!”

When asked about the reaction to his mystery predicament Tom added: “I made the post to make people laugh and I’ve achieved that so I’m happy.

“Making one person smile a day is better than making no one smile.”