Moment children wheel away disabled woman’s mobility scooter before trashing it in nearby park


SHOCKING video shows children wheeling away a disabled woman’s mobility scooter – which they then wrecked.

The youngsters, aged about 11, are seen pushing the £900 machine along the pavement while one of them steers.

Christine Davenport was visiting a friend in Southend, Essex, on Tuesday when her scooter was stolen.

The 54-year-old, who is a carer for her 71-year-old husband despite herself being disabled, is now stranded at home.

The scooter was found nearby with lights and other equipment smashed beyond the point of economic repair.

The clip was posted by local man Aaron Chesham, who captioned his post: “Some delightful little kids decided it’s okay to steal an old lady’s mobility scooter outside her friend’s garden.

“She was visiting and now she is housebound with her friend. If you know these kids feel free to inform their parents, many thanks.”

The children ripped off the wing mirrors, headlights and handlebars before puncturing the tyres.

Aaron shared his Ring footage of the children walking past.

Simon Hodges responded: “F****** little c****! If that had been my kid they would of got a f****** good hiding!”

Nicky Payne commented: “Scummy little s****. Somebody who knows them must recognise that black and yellow top! Sadly the parents are very likely not bothered about what they get up to.”

Naomi Coltman Rodmell posted: “Omg little s****.”

Christine and her husband, Kevin, relied on the scooter because he is a double leg amputee and Christine struggles to walk due to problems with her knees and back.

The mobility scooter was badly wrecked and beyond repair.

Speaking today, Christine said: “I am disgusted, I really cannot understand the reasoning behind it. I have been in tears, it has really upset me and I do not know what we are going to do because I cannot afford to replace it.

“That scooter was my lifeline and my only form of transport. It may seem silly but the scooter represented my freedom. I am so angry at the people that have done this.”

A spokesman for Essex Police today confirmed they were investigating the theft and asked members of the public with footage or other information to contact them.