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NewsDog walker recovers pictures from water-filled action camera lost five years ago...

Dog walker recovers pictures from water-filled action camera lost five years ago – then tracks down owner

AN ACTION camera and the images it contained are about to be reunited with their owner – five years after it was lost on a Scottish beach.

The camera’s waterproof housing had failed, letting in sea water, but the memory card was still working despite being exposed to the elements since 2015.

Joe Brown found the camera near Oban, Argyll and Bute, on Saturday and thought there was little chance of recovering anything as it was full of water, and covered in seaweed and barnacles.

So he was astonished when he popped the card in his computer and discovered images of pals snorkeling.

Joe, 25, from Oban, put some of the images on social media the same day in a bid to reunite the camera and its contents with their owner.

Within hours, the owner – thought to be Swedish or Dutch – had got in touch.

Joe found the camera washed up on Ganavan Sands.

“It’s a bit of a long shot here, but I found a GoPro-type camera out on the beach today near Ganavan, Oban.”

He added: “It looks like it’s been lost for a very long time. Water has gotten into the camera and broken it but the SD card still works.

“The pictures and videos [show] Tobermory and videos snorkeling with fish, seals and jellyfish.

“No idea if the camera belonged to anyone local or if it belonged to a tourist, but I’d like to try and return it to its owner as I’m sure they would love to see the videos saved on it.”

Shortly afterwards he wrote: “*UPDATE* The owner has been identified and messaged. Thanks for the help everyone.

The camera was filled with snap’s from the duo’s free diving trip

Joe only uploaded stills from the videos. The images show a man with a moustache smiling at a camera while wearing a thick patterned coat with a hood on his head.

Another image shows the man appearing to wave looking at the sky while holding the camera on the mount to video yourself beside a bald man smiling into the camera.

Other images show a jellyfish and a diver using the camera underwater

Joe’s own picture shows the camera as he recovered it, with the case stained a yellowish brown.

Alan Scott commented on the post writing: “Facebook shows its power yet again. Glad owner has been traced. Now, has anyone seen my winning lottery ticket.”

Wendy Johnston said: “Well done. Glad you solved it and hope the owner retrieves the pictures soon.”

Mick Brown and Viktor Holovac lost the camera five years ago

Michael Gellie  added: “2012 wow.”

Rosco Mac wrote: “Yes I know them. That’s Mick Brown and Viktor Holovac in the pictures. Viktor lost it on a freediving trip with Basking Shark Scotland. He’s been messaged.”

Speaking today (Mon) Joe said: “I found it when I was taking the dog for a walk. I found the camera high up the beach in a rocky area.

“I’m assuming it was washed up with the high tide and strong currents from the oncoming storm.”

He added: “It had clearly been lost for a long time as the camera had barnacles attached to it and seaweed growing off of it.

“I was equally surprised when I plugged the SD card into my computer and it worked. As the camera was completely full of water and broken.

“I’ve been contacted by someone who knows the owner and I believe he wants the pictures and videos sent to him. But isn’t bothered about getting the camera back.”

The pictures are dated 2012 but Joe has established that the camera was set incorrectly and the loss happened in 2015.

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