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Amazing moment driver turns his 4×4 into a “submarine” to beat 6ft deep flood water

AMAZING video shows a driver in a 4×4 plough through a flooded lane even as the water comes half way up the windscreen.

Joe Butler was desperate to get food supplies in the aftermath of Storm Dennis on Wednesday but the nearest shop was effectively cut off by 6ft of water.

Joe used house guttering to improvise a snorkel for the engine of his Isuzu Trooper and filmed as he took on the nail-biting trip in Sandhurst Lane, Gloucester.

He can be heard repeatedly exclaiming “Oh my mother!” as the water rises so high it completely blocks his vision.

Hilariously, Joe keeps the wipers moving as his trusty vehicle is turned into a submarine.

He uploaded the clip to Facebook captioned with: “If that won’t stop the Isuzu Trooper nothing will that’s deep water get on”.

As the clip opens, the car is already making its way through water deep enough to stop most vehicles.

Approaching a bridge, the water starts to creep above dashboard height.

He can be heard saying: “God. I’ve got to keep it like that. Oh my mother. Oh my mother,  look at this. Oh I hope you don’t cut out.”

Under a bridge the water reaches its highest point, about halfway up the windscreen.

Joe can be heard laughing and saying: “I can’t’ even see out the window.”

Comically, he uses the wipers in a futile bid to improve visibility.

The camera pans across and down to show that the bottom of the vehicle is full of muddy flood water.

To his relief the lane starts to rise and the water subsides. As he approaches the shop he can be heard saying to to his companion: “We’re out Mike, thank God.”

Joe confirmed that the shop had stayed open on the off chance brave customers made their way through the flood. (C) Joe Butler

Speaking today, Joe said of his vehicle: “It’s still going. We have been going in and out still.”

He added: “We needed food and it’s a bit of fun. Made my own snorkel with house guttering and we also rescued someone on the way to the shops”.

Joe confirmed that the shop had stayed open on the off chance brave customers made their way through the flood.

Steve Carruthers wrote under the post: “What a motor brave boys”.

Jye William added: “F*** that was deep”.

Samantha Quinnell commented: “I love how the wipers are still going even tho the water goes most of the way up the windscreen”.

Warrick Down said: “Absolute weapon”.

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