Embarrassing mum goes viral after hilariously gatecrashing her daughter’s TikTok dance


A SELF-PROCLAIMED “embarrassing mum” has gone viral after gatecrashing her daughter’s TikTok video to show off her impressive dance moves.

Carly Black can be seen standing behind five-year-old Marnie while dancing along to Michael Jackson hit Pretty Young Thing on Saturday.

Mortified Marnie is shown screaming at her mum to get out of her shot so she can film her own version of dance moves for video uploading app, TikTok.

But defiant Carly is clearly enjoying herself too much and refuses to leave as she belts out the Jackson tune in the background.

When the song really kicks in and Carly, 29, steps up the energy a bit, Marnie spins round and physically tries to push her mum out of shot.

Hilariously Marnie can be seen clutching on to her mum’s jumper as her mum proceeds to dance out of shot.

The clip was captioned “When you’re one of they embarrassing mums” across the front.

Self proclaimed embarrassing mum Carly black, embarrassing her daughter.

Carly, a seamstress from Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, shared the video on Facebook on Saturday but only made it public this week after her friends pointed out how funny it was.

She wrote: “When the wain wants to make a wee TikTok but it’s far too much fun.

“Embarrassing mum.”

The clip has since attracted over one million views and thousands of comments from humoured viewers.

Anna Bovell wrote: “Hahaha this was me with my step son last week. 

“He was doing something called renegade so I kept jumping in doing it he was mortified.

Anna Steel said: “Hahahaha poor girl.”

Elaine Elphinstone wrote: “Aww. Fabulous.”

And Laura Baldwin said: “I am crying”.

Since the video went viral, Marnie has been allowing Carly to feature in her videos.

One clip shows the dancing duo jumping around together enjoying themselves to Wiley track, Heatwave.

Speaking today (WED), Carly said: “That’s a daily occurrence in my house. Every day Marnie’s a wee performer so she’s always dancing and making videos. 

“We were just at my mum’s and I loved that song so I just jumped in and thought it was so funny.

“Marnie was raging. She’s said since then ‘why did you not just let me do it?’

“She’s only in primary one but she’s had all the bigger girls coming up to her saying ‘we saw you on Facebook’.

She added: “I initially posted it on my Facebook privately and one of my friends asked me to change it so she could share it, then it just blew up.

“It’s been absolutely crazy . One of the videos is at a million views at the moment.

“We’ve done another one which has 15,000 likes because she’s let me get involved now.”