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How do you write an academic article?


Academic papers are probably the type of homework that is more required at the university level than any other job by teachers.

An academic article is an essay or reflection on what we have understood of a topic or lesson. This same essay or academic article shows the additional effort we make to expand the information received in the classroom or from the textbook.

It also allows the teacher to see how analytical we are when selecting and commenting on the respective material. That is why an academic essay needs to be written in a correct way so that our teacher can analyze the work that we present to him. If you want to be a good person in essay writing service, this article is for you!

There are main steps to writing good academic work:

Analyze or determine the question that we are going to answer.

The first thing we must do is determine what question we are going to answer with our work and from here we decide the type of essay or academic article that we have to write. The question we have to answer is the one that will set the tone for the entire text. Some documents need to explain a concept, while others expect you to compare or contrast two or more concepts; still others expect us to defend a position or explain our opinion.

What are the most important words on this topic?

In this case, mothers and rent stand out. This is quite a controversial issue and if we are being asked to discuss this issue then we will need to present our unique view on surrogate mothers seasoned with up-to-date research and views for and against.

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Find and read related information.

After making sure of the kind of question we have to answer, the following steps are easier. We must now look for information related to the topic that we are going to discuss, defend, define, explain, argue or analyze. The information is mainly found in textbooks; internet articles; newspapers; journals; interviews with subject matter experts; radio and television interviews; and any other medium that contains information related to the subject that we are going to work on. A serious academic work will not only present points that favor our position, it will also present those that are not in favor and will refute them with support.

 Accredit the information.

It is a rule of general observance that we must recognize the sources from which the information we present comes from; This has two purposes; Firstly, it certifies the veracity and reliability of the information. In this way, adequate support is provided to our points of view and our task will reflect quality, according to the authors we quote. On the other hand, accrediting information means informing our readers that we do not know everything and that therefore we are not plagiarizing the information or the work of other people. Accreditation of information is one of the most serious characteristics of any academic work; and distinguishes it from any other writing, in addition to separating it from rumors or unsubstantiated assertions.

Organize the material.

An academic article must be well organized. It must have a coherent structure that helps the reader to realize its content and thesis. When we have all the information and ideas gathered, we must decide what is going to be included and what is not; also in what order we are going to present it to the reader and in what way we will change from one point to another.


The most common way in which teachers evaluate a work is through the conclusion; in this place the place shows how much he will have learned through researching the topic in question. The conclusion has certain parameters that must be met; in the conclusion we synthesize the information or criticize a point of view; It is like the last hammer blow to our work. It is not a summary of what we write.