Chris Kamara stars in hilarious football spoof to celebrate return of McDonald’s menu items


Chris Kamara has leant his famous vocals to announce the return of some fan favourite McDonald’s menu items.

In the ad, the football pundit and broadcasting legend gives a hilarious voice over in which he runs through the ‘line-up’ of returning products.

The items, which returned to McDonalds’ menus on Wednesday, include has browns, bacon rolls and milkshakes.

In a format familiar to every football fan in the country, the video features a dynamic ‘team announcement’ graphic, with Kamara giving a run-down of the returning snacks and the new, “formidable”, squad.

Chris Kamara said: McDonald’s know I have an eye for a great squad, and this one has everything – solid performers at the back, some absolute magic in the middle of the park, and a few fantastic finishers.

“It’s a very tasty line-up. Unbelievable Chef! It’s great to see some of these old favourites coming back on the breakfast and lunch menus, after such a long period away – and all of them are available in-restaurant or via the My McDonald’s App now.”