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NewsAmnesty International condemned for failing to take down "genocidal government"

Amnesty International condemned for failing to take down “genocidal government”

AN “ANARCHIST” political group have condemned Amnesty International after throwing pink paint over their Headquarter doors accusing them of failing to bring the the “genocidal government.”

Beyond Politics claimed human rights charity Amnesty international have done “f*** all” after their request to deal with the UK government for “treasonous betrayal”.

Pictures show pink paint covering parts of the wall and doors of the headquarters of the charity in Hackney, London on Saturday.

They have even tarnished the glass above the main doors that reads “humanity wins” with multiple letters pasted all over the walls and doors.

Beyond Politics condemned Amnesty International for failing to take on the government
Beyond Politics condemned Amnesty International for failing to take on the government (C) Pip Elliot

Amnesty International hit back at the group arguing they should be working together than wasting paint and calling them out.

Pip Elliott posted pictures to Facebook on Saturday showing the front door covered with paint and with an accompanying letter.

The letters pasted to the walls read: “In ordinary times we would not dream of throwing paint over your offices. “

“But these are not ordinary times- these are the most extraordinary, f***** up times in the history of humanity.”

The letter later adds: “Since we wrote to you last week demanding you to bring down this genocidal government, you have done f*** all.”

Beyond Politics vandalised the humanitarian charity's headquarters for failing to take action
Amnesty International were vandalised by extremist group for failing to take action against the government on climate change. (C) Pip Elliot

“We are here today to throw paint over your offices. Your horror at our actions reflects your self-importance, your self-obsession, your self-delusion.”

“For decades you have smothered radicalness and truth telling. And now the time of reckoning is upon you.”

“The revolution is on its way. Our sacred right and indispensable duty is to take down the government for its treasonous betrayal and replace it with the citizen’s assembles of ordinary people.”

“it’s time for you to step up or get out of the way. Beyond politics, July, 2020.”

The Facebook post which was captioned “Amnesty international HQ Shoreditch- Someone’s not happy!” has been liked over 300 times and has over 200 comments.

Andy Gilchrist wrote: “Couldn’t they find a better target than Amnesty?”

Luke Brancaccio condemned the action by commenting: “Absolute idiots.”

Matt Drummond wrote: “Good to see the anarchist and Trotskyist far left out in force justifying vandalism against established good causes.

“Perhaps if you realised how silly and counterproductive you’re behaviour looks and is, but that takes actual intellectual maturity and intelligence.”

A street view of Amnesty International's HQ were Beyond Politics vandalised
A street view of Amnesty International’s HQ were Beyond Politics vandalised

They said: “It is clear that many are frustrated by what happened this week, many also supportive. We would like to encourage everyone to continue focusing energy towards building for a rebellion in September that is arguably our most important yet.

“We will need all of our strength and courage when we head to Parliament and the government will need all of our collective frustration aimed at them if we are to get the results we so desperately need.”

Co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, Roger Hallam said: “These organisations are afraid to tell the truth and take the action needed to deal with the crisis we’re facing – for fear of losing funding.

“What this is about is nothing is happening.  The chief of the International Energy Agency said that we have just six months left to take action to avoid an irreversible carbon rebound in the wake of COVID-19. What we are crying out for here is the recognition of what we are facing here is absolute evil’.”

Beyond Politics member, Benedict McGorty said: “All we asked for was a conversation, an open talk on why the NGOs were failing to make positive moves, informing their funders, the public, that our government are complicit in mass genocide.

“The genocide of failed inaction, ignored science, and the ‘carry on regardless’ attitude of our elected leaders on such burning issues as climate collapse, mass movement of refugees fleeing war and famine and the brutal assault on the poor and vulnerable in our own country through austerity and benefit cuts.

Kerry Moscogiuri, Amnesty International UK’s Campaigns Director, said:“Rather than wasting good paint like this, we’d urge Beyond Politics to see that addressing the climate crisis is going to involve working with rather than against human rights groups.

“Amnesty is determined to hold governments to account over their environmental policies and will be pressing on with this incredibly important work.”

Amnesty International is a human rights group that act on human rights violations using “analysis and influence to press governments, companies and decision makers to do the right thing.”

Beyond Politics was created by group of activists from Extinction Rebellion earlier this year as a new political party.

They were reported last month to be stealing trolley loads of foods from supermarkets aiming to draw attention to the instability of global food supplies.

Extinction Rebellion are known for their unique protests after three activists were arrested on Saturday after locking themselves to a rig in the middle of the Thames.

Extinction Rebellion has condemned the actions of former founder Roger Hallam for attacking peaceful political organisations seeking to make a change.

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