Shocking moment gobby yob is punched in the face after throwing open beer can at car – Viral Video News UK


A SHOCKING video has emerged showing a brawl breaking out at a BP garage after a gobby yob threw an opened beer can at a parked car.

The footage captured the fight kicking off outside the petrol station in Salisbury, Wiltshire when one of the men started shouting abuse at a car full of men.

The loud-mouthed thug, who is wearing a grey Nike tracksuit, can be heard shouting “give us a lift” to the car as he sways around laughing, clutching two cans of beer.

His friend, who is wearing a mask and navy Stone Island jacket, is captured laughing and egging him on as they continue to ask for a lift.

The driver then shouts “£50” before the grey tracksuit yob begins laughing and replies “Are you mad? £50. I will give you £50 smashes to your nut. How about that?”

His friend then pipes up and shouts over, “Up your mother’s pooch yeah.”

The disagreement escalates as the unmasked tracksuit-wearer throws an opened can of beer directly at the car.

The beverage is shown smashing right into the rear wheel before exploding onto the petrol station floor.

A man standing with his arms out-Viral Video News UK
The yob starts by asking for a lift

The furious driver storms out of the vehicle and approaches the man saying “are you mad? Are you mad?” before punching him in the face.

The man then falls right back into a unit full of car items from the impact before running off into the BP garage to try and escape the man and his passengers who come into shot.

The driver then tries to go for his masked companion who is shown trying to salvage an unopened bottle of beer from behind them on the floor.

The driver then sprints off after the friend and is shown running into the distance after him in the dead of night.

While this is happening a loud smacking noise can be heard as the initial can-thrower tries to leave the garage but is met by the driver’s friend.

A man about to throw a beer can- Viral Video News UK
The man then sets up to hurl the beer can at the car

The clip ends as the fight continues inside the garage while the driver runs towards the camera insisting for the person filming to put their phone away.

The shocking footage emerged on Twitter earlier this week and has since attracted over 508,000 views.

Hundreds of viewers commented on the clip with many saying the “Loudmouth got what he deserved”.

Leon Rousseau said: “You just knew Stone Island was going to run!”

Dan Bygrave wrote: “Got exactly what they deserved.”

Sam Lambert said: “Billy big d***s for 30 seconds!”

And one Twitter user, [email protected], wrote: “Loudmouth got exactly what he deserved.”

A beer can hitting a car- Viral Video News UK
The beer shoots all over the car upon impact

When asked about the incident, a member of staff from the BP garage today (THUR) laughed and declined to comment.

Police today (THUR) revealed that one man was handed a fine for being drunk and disorderly.

A man getting punched -Viral Video News
The yob gets punched by the driver

A spokeswoman for Wiltshire Police said: “We can confirm we are aware of a video circulating on social media relating to a disturbance at Westacre Filling Station, Wilton Road, Salisbury, between approximately 10.15pm and 10.30pm on September 27.

“When officers arrived on scene, a man had made off from the scene in a Suzuki Swift.

“A man in his 20s from the Salisbury area has been arrested on suspicion of being drunk and disorderly in a public place – he has since been issued with a fixed penalty notice.

“Enquiries are ongoing. Anyone with information should call 101 and quote crime reference number 54200097445.”