Mum reveals how she uses Home Bargains shot glasses to create adorable hot chocolate stirrers for just 20p each


TANTALISING images show how a thrifty mum created her own hot chocolate stirrers for just 20p each using Home Bargains shot glasses.

Becky Fraiser, from Liverpool, said she was inspired to make the tasty treats as low cost gifts for family and friends.

Using lolly sticks, 50p Home Bargains plastic shot cups and cheap chocolates, the 32-year-old revealed how she is able to create the festive delights.

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Becky made the thrifty hot chocolate stirrers using shot-glass as a mould.

The images show the chocolate creations lined up in a row with a Christmas character adorning the top.

The shot-glass shaped stirrers come in milk and white chocolate with a lollipop stick in the centre, ready to be swirled into a hot mug of milk.

Sharing her craftiness on Facebook last month, mum-of-three Becky explained: “So I got these shot glasses the other day from home bargains. Can’t remember how much but they were cheap. 

“Tempered chocolate, poured them into the shot glasses, let it set, took them out and ta dah, hot chocolate stirrers.

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She made the snowman for under 19p.

“The sticks are lollipop sticks or wooden spoons can be used.

“The chocolate is Miss Molly’s from Tesco and the little characters are Kit Kat friends, £3 a bag at Tesco and you get about 22.”

Speaking today, sales assistant Becky also explained how to temper the chocolate, to give it a glossy finish and prevent any waxiness.

She said: “I use the seeding method in the microwave, where you chop your chocolate up, add two thirds to a bowl and melt it in the microwave.

“Once melted, take it out and start adding the other third bit by bit, until the chunks slowly stop melting.”

Becky’s total spend is £4, meaning her bargain stirrers cost just 19p each.

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Social media users were impressed by Becky’s efforts.

Social media users have been blown away by Becky’s creations and have even started to make their own.

Shannen Yates said: “That’s clever isn’t it it!”

Charlotte Heafford posted: “These are fantastic, what a lovely gift idea! Particularly with a cute little mug!”

Sheena Bunkall commented: “What a great idea! Thanks for sharing, I’m going to try and give this a go.”

Becky added: “I’m so made up. It’s nice to see so many people being able to make them without any fancy moulds.

“I’ve had a lot of people messaging asking for advice on how to temper chocolate which I am happy to give as I found it really hard to do at first. 

“They make lovely little gifts for family and friends without spending so much.”