Grandson accidentally calls 72-year-old gran “fat b****” over Instagram after thinking he was dealing with pranksters impersonating her

Reece Croton - Viral News UK
Reece Croton, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, thought he was getting one over on his prankster cousins.

A GRANDSON has been left red-faced after accidentally calling his 72-year-old grandmother a “fat b***” over Instagram.

Reece Croton, from Newcastle-upon-Tyne, thought he was getting one over on his prankster cousins who had set up a “fake” account pretending to be his gran.

However, the landscape photographer was left mortified when he received a text from his aunt yesterday informing him his gran was now “on a warpath” after his rude comments.

The 21-year-old shared screenshots showing his expletive messages to his grandmother, Val.

In one exchange, the pensioner tells him one of his photographs “looks lovely”.

Reece, believing he is speaking to his cousins, then jokingly replies, “Thanks granny you fat b****”.

Later Val sends another message complimenting Reece’s photography.

A text conversation between Reece and his aunt - Viral News UK
Reece’s aunt Val informed him of his blunder.

But again, an oblivious Reece replies: “Thanks granny you old b***!”

However, Reece also shared an image showing a text from his aunt Gillian informing him of his grave mistake.

Gillian’s message reads: “Hi Reece, hope you’re okay? Granny is on a warpath, she’s received two messages off you. It said something like ‘fat b****’.”

Reece's messages to his gran - Viral News UK
Reece had messaged his gran with messages intended for his cousins.

A mortified Reece then replies: “I’m dying, I thought that was George and Alfie on the account, not her.”

After texting his gran to apologise, Reece decided to share his hilarious slip up on Twitter.

He posted the screenshots and said: “So my s****bag cousins made an Instagram account for my granny which i thought was them taking the p***, turns out it was my granny all along and my auntie has just text me this.”

The post, which has since clocked up more than 42,000 likes, has had social media users in stitches.

@Georgia_R510 wrote: “oh my I’m decked.”

@ktttty added: “This made me laugh out loud.”

@joefoster replied: “Genuinely p****d my knickers.”

And @miracolina01 said: “I haven’t laughed this hard in so long, omg thank you for this.”

However, Reece revealed that his gran still isn’t speaking to him.

Speaking today, he explained: “She hasn’t said anything, she’s ignored three messages

“It was funny but I’m worried I’ll be disowned.”