Coronex creates “game changing” test platform and seeks further investment for clinical use


A SCOTS-led innovation for a lateral flow tests that could be vital in the fight against Covid-19 and beyond has been pitched as “game changing”.

Coronex Lateral Flow (LF) technology  has been providing accurate repeat testing that will allow the monitoring of antibody responses to vaccination over time and inform the impact of mass vaccination

The company was set up in April 2020 to address the unmet needs of lateral flow antibody testing bringing together experts in the development of large scale test and antigen manufacture.

LF tests are used to process samples at the point of care, without the need for specialist laboratory equipment or sample storage.

New LF test to be more profitable and is game changing - Business News UK
Rapid test covid, you need a drop of blood and the result is ready within 10 minutes (C) Image supplied

The accuracy and specificity of such tests, and the ability to rapidly adapt to, and detect, viral mutations is critical when faced with the rapid spread of new coronavirus variants.

The technology also allows the LF tests to be adapted easily and rapidly to detect antibodies to newly isolated variants when mutations arise.

The large scale COVID-19 antibody screenings with high specificity and sensitivity could provide public health authorities to monitor the impact of regional and national restrictions after vaccine immunisations.

They believe the new technology has an application beyond the pandemic, due to its adaptability and would are seeking an investment partner to ensure it can be further developed for clinical use.

Eric Wagner, Director of the Antibody Company, said: We are in no doubt that the Coronex platform has re-engineered and revolutionised lateral flow technology. We have proven the technology works and with further investment can accelerate translation into widespread clinical use.”